15 Creative Half Cornrows Half Curls Hairstyles to Try Now

Discover creative ways to combine sleek cornrows with voluminous curls for a head-turning hairstyle.

Top Half Cornrows Into Curly Afro-Puff

top half cornrows into curly afro puff

This hairstyle marries the sleekness of precise cornrows on the top section with the playful volume of a curly afro-puff at the crown, creating a chic, edgy look.

Side-swept Cornrows With Loose Curls

side swept cornrows with loose curls

This style combines the sleekness of cornrows on one side of the head with the playful bounce of loose curls flowing freely on the other.

Cornrow Crown With Cascading Curls

cornrow crown with cascading curls

The Cornrow Crown encircles the head, giving way to a waterfall of curls that flow freely down the back, combining structured braiding with voluminous waves for a regal effect.

Front Cornrow Braids With Curly Ponytail

front cornrow braids with curly ponytail

Braids sweep forward to crown the head, then transition into a playful, curly ponytail, marrying sleek precision with voluminous flair.

Diagonal Cornrows With Curly Hair Down

diagonal cornrows with curly hair down

This style features braids that wrap around the head in a diagonal fashion, allowing the unbraided curls to flow freely for an edgy yet feminine look.

Cornrow Updo With Curly Bangs and Tendrils

cornrow updo with curly bangs and tendrils

This style elevates elegance by pairing a sophisticated cornrow updo with playful curly bangs and side tendrils, offering a blend of texture and finesse.

Half-head Cornrows With Natural Curls

half head cornrows with natural curls

This style balances sleek cornrows on one part of the scalp with the untouched, vibrant coils and textures of your natural hair on the other, creating an edgy and fashionable contrast.

Zigzag Cornrows With Voluminous Curls

zigzag cornrows with voluminous curls

Embrace a playful edge with crisp, zigzag braids atop a bounty of spiraled curls, perfect for those craving contrast and volume in their hairstyle.

Cornrows With Curly Ends (Braidout)

cornrows with curly ends braidout

This style marries the sleek appeal of cornrows with playful, wavy tips for a dynamic, textured look.

Asymmetric Cornrows With Curly Side Bob

asymmetric cornrows with curly side bob

This style combines the precision of angled braiding techniques with the playful bounce of a curly side bob for a dynamic and fashion-forward look.

Mohawk Style Cornrows With Curly Frohawk

mohawk style cornrows with curly frohawk

Embrace your inner rockstar with this edgy take which combines tight cornrows on the sides, leading to a bold curly peak along the top.

Braided Cornrow Design With Curly Half Updo

braided cornrow design with curly half updo

This style marries sleek cornrows with a playful, curly half updo, offering a chic contrast that’s perfect for elevating your everyday look.

Cornrowed Front With Curly Space Buns

cornrowed front with curly space buns

This style combines the sleekness of front cornrows with the playfulness of two curly buns atop the head, creating a charming ‘ears’ effect that’s both fun and stylish.

Dual Texture Ponytail – Cornrows and Ringlet Curls

dual texture ponytail – cornrows and ringlet curls

This style marries sleek cornrows on one portion of the head with playful ringlet curls flowing from a ponytail, creating textural contrast and visual interest.

Half Halo Cornrows With Soft Curls Draping Down

half halo cornrows with soft curls draping down

This style features braids that trace the scalp’s contour like a celestial halo, while below, soft ringlets fall freely over the shoulders, creating a contrast between structured neatness and flowing elegance.