15 Buzz Cut Curly Hair Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover versatile buzz cut styles for curly hair, perfect for a low-maintenance and edgy look.

Fade With Defined Curly Top

fade with defined curly top

The style combines a sleek fade that transitions into well-defined curls, offering both neatness and volume where it counts.

High and Tight With Natural Curls

high and tight with natural curls

This style maintains close-cropped sides with a neatly trimmed top, letting your curls add texture and contrast.

Curly Buzz With Etched Hairline

curly buzz with etched hairline

A precise hairline etching elevates the curly buzz cut, providing a sharp contrast to the soft curls.

Buzzed Sides With Curly Mohawk

buzzed sides with curly mohawk

This style combines close-cropped sides that accentuate the volume and texture of a curly crest running along the top of the head.

Full Buzz Cut With Curly Finish

full buzz cut with curly finish

The full buzz cut with a curly finish showcases texture atop a uniform cut, making a classic style pop with volume.

Induction Cut With Soft Curls

induction cut with soft curls

An induction cut maintains a uniform length across the head, providing a subtle showcase for the soft curls without overpowering them.

Buzz Cut With Curly Fringe

buzz cut with curly fringe

A buzz cut with a curly fringe combines close-cropped sides with a textured front, adding a playful twist to a classic style.

Burr Cut With Tapered Curls

burr cut with tapered curls

With a subtle graduation in length, the burr cut offers a neat transition from very short tapered sides to slightly longer curls on top, balancing ease and style.

Curly Hair With Skin Fade

curly hair with skin fade

The style merges the sharpness of a skin fade with the texture of short curls for a stark contrast and a bold statement.

Zero Buzz With Curl Accentuation

zero buzz with curl accentuation

This style amplifies the contrast between shaved sides and curled top, spotlighting the latter’s texture and volume.

Crew Cut for Curly Hair

crew cut for curly hair

The crew cut offers a manageable length on top to showcase curls with shorter, faded sides for a sharp contrast.

Butch Cut With Curly Texture

butch cut with curly texture

A Butch cut adapts to the natural volume of curly hair, offering a low-maintenance yet striking style where curls add dimension to the classic, uniform length look.

Buzz Cut With Curly Line Up

buzz cut with curly line up

The Curly Line Up adds crisp edges to a buzz cut, framing the face with precision while showcasing the hair’s natural texture.

Short Buzz With Curly Top Wave

short buzz with curly top wave

A short buzz cut with a curly top wave combines close-cropped sides for a sleek look while retaining a playful wave of curls on top, creating a stylish contrast in texture.

Curly Caesar Buzz Cut

curly caesar buzz cut

This style combines the close-cropped sides of a buzz cut with the slightly longer, forward-combed top characteristic of a traditional Caesar, optimized for curly textures.