15 Long Hair 80s Hairstyles Ideas for a Retro Look

Discover how to recreate iconic 80s hairstyles for long hair, from voluminous curls to dramatic ponytails.

Big Perm With Scrunchie

big perm with scrunchie

This style flaunts voluminous curls secured with a colorful scrunchie, embodying the quintessential lively spirit of the 80s.

Side-Swept Volumized Ponytail

side swept volumized ponytail

This hairstyle showcases dramatic volume and flow, perfect for capturing the bold spirit of the 80s.

Feathered Bangs With Waves

feathered bangs with waves

This style combines soft, airy bangs that frame the face with flowing waves throughout the hair, capturing that breezy, carefree 80s vibe.

Crimped Hair With Headband

crimped hair with headband

This style showcases tightly crimped strands paired with a bold headband, offering a playful yet edgy look reminiscent of the decade’s daring fashion sense.

Teased High Ponytail

teased high ponytail

This hairstyle elevates a simple ponytail into a dramatic statement with extra volume at the crown.

Mullet With Extra Volume

mullet with extra volume

This style amplifies the classic mullet by adding height and fullness at the crown, embracing a daring and edgy appearance.

Half-Up, Half-Down With Bow

half up half down with bow

This style combines flowing locks with a playful bow-tied section at the crown, creating a charming balance of casual and chic.

Asymmetrical Bob With Side Bangs

asymmetrical bob with side bangs

This style features a shorter cut on one side, while the other cascades down with sweeping bangs, embodying a bold, defiant look of the era.

High Side Ponytail With Legwarmers

high side ponytail with legwarmers

This style elevates the classic ponytail with its placement near the crown, offering a dramatic, playful silhouette that pairs perfectly with colorful legwarmers for a full-on 80s revival.

Spiral Curls With Glitter

spiral curls with glitter

This style features tight curls made more vibrant with the addition of sparkling glitter, capturing the lively spirit of the 80s disco era.

Layered Shag With Flicked Out Ends

layered shag with flicked out ends

This style adds depth and movement through varied lengths, finishing with upward-flipped ends for a playful twist.

Oversized Bun With Colorful Clips

oversized bun with colorful clips

This style combines a strikingly large bun with vibrant clips, offering a playful yet chic look.

Fishtail Braid With Ribbons

fishtail braid with ribbons

The playful intertwining of colorful ribbons in a fishtail braid adds a charming pop of nostalgia to the classic 80s textured style.

Mohawk Braid With Undercut

mohawk braid with undercut

This style combines the edginess of a shaved undercut with the bold drama of a braided mohawk, serving as a daring expression of individuality.

Wet Look Waves With Deep Side Part

wet look waves with deep side part

This style features glossy, textured waves swept dramatically to one side, capturing the essence of bold 80s glamour.