15 Curly Hair Blowout Ideas to Transform Your Look

Discover practical and trendy blowout techniques to transform your curly hair into a sleek, voluminous masterpiece.

Hydrated Curls Blowout With Argan Oil Infusion

hydrated curls blowout with argan oil infusion

This technique leverages the nourishing benefits of argan oil to maximize moisture retention, ensuring your curls are both luscious and lively post-blowout.

Voluminous Root Lift Blowout

voluminous root lift blowout

This style gives your roots a dramatic lift and bounce, making your mane look fuller and more dynamic.

Beach Wave Blowout

beach wave blowout

This style adds a touch of the ocean by creating loose, tousled waves that mimic a day spent at the beach.

Sleek and Smooth Silk Press for Curly Hair

sleek and smooth silk press for curly hair

This technique transforms tight curls into pin-straight tresses through intensive heat application and protective products, ensuring a glossy, frizz-free finish.

Diffused Natural Curls Enhancement

diffused natural curls enhancement

This technique amplifies your inherent curl pattern using a diffuser, crafting well-defined, voluminous curls that maintain natural movement and texture.

Soft Curls With Side Swept Bangs

soft curls with side swept bangs

This style blends gentle waves with elegantly draped bangs that enhance the face’s natural contours, creating a timeless appeal ideal for any occasion.

Blowout With Bantu Knot Finish

blowout with bantu knot finish

This technique merges the sleekness of a blowout with the textured definition achieved from setting the hair in Bantu knots, offering a dynamic and long-lasting style.

Spiral Curls Blowout With Curling Rod

spiral curls blowout with curling rod

Enhance the definition of each curl by using a curling rod after blow-drying, for a more pronounced, sculpted look.

Half-Up, Half-Down Curly Blowout

half up half down curly blowout

This style combines the elegance of updos with the playful bounce of loose curls, perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

Pineapple Updo Post-Blowout

pineapple updo post blowout

This style lifts curls to the crown of the head for an effortless, voluminous look that elongates the face and highlights your features.

Blowout With Braided Crown

blowout with braided crown

This style elegantly combines smooth, blown-out locks with a chic braided crown, adding a regal touch to your curly ensemble.

Tousled Curls With Light Teasing

tousled curls with light teasing

This style adds a playful touch by lightly teasing the curls, boosting volume and creating a carefree, textured appearance.

Afro Blowout With Wide-Tooth Comb Out

afro blowout with wide tooth comb out

This style expands your curls to their fullest, showcasing a voluminous and defined afro thanks to strategic combing.

Blowout With Headband Twists

blowout with headband twists

This style combines the sleekness of a blowout with playful headband twists to frame the face and add flair to soft, flowing curls.

Layered Curly Blowout With Subtle Highlights

layered curly blowout with subtle highlights

This style adds depth and dimension to your curls, enhancing them with soft highlights that catch the light, perfect for those seeking a fresh yet subtle change.