15 Creative Ideas for How to Do Curly Hair

Discover fresh approaches to style curly locks with practical techniques and inspirations that will redefine your hair game.

Use a Diffuser On Your Blow Dryer

use a diffuser on your blow dryer

Attaching a diffuser to your blow dryer cradles your curls gently, reducing frizz and enhancing their natural shape as they dry.

Sleep With Damp Braids Overnight

sleep with damp braids overnight

Overnight braids transform damp hair into waves by morning.

Twirl Sections Around Your Finger and Pin Them Up Until Dry

twirl sections around your finger and pin them up until dry

For natural-looking curls, simply spin sections of your hair around a finger and secure them with pins until they naturally dry.

Use a Curling Wand With a Clamp-free Design

use a curling wand with a clamp free design

Opt for a clamp-free curling wand to create spirals without crimps or creases, ensuring smooth and even coils throughout your locks.

Try Heatless Curl Rods or Flexi-rods

try heatless curl rods or flexi rods

Heatless curl rods provide a gentle way to achieve bouncy curls without exposing your hair to damaging heat.

Experiment With Different Sizes of Curling Irons for Varied Curls

experiment with different sizes of curling irons for varied curls

Switching between curling iron barrels lets you mix tight spirals with loose waves for a dynamic hairstyle.

Apply Curl-enhancing Cream or Mousse to Damp Hair

apply curl enhancing cream or mousse to damp hair

To sculpt your curls, distribute a dollop of curl-enhancing cream or mousse through damp tresses before styling.

Braid Your Hair When Damp and Iron the Braids With a Flat Iron

braid your hair when damp and iron the braids with a flat iron

For lasting waves, press damp, braided hair with a flat iron; the heat sets the style as it dries.

Use Sponge or Pillow Soft Rollers Overnight

use sponge or pillow soft rollers overnight

Sponge rollers provide gentle tension, creating bouncy curls as you sleep comfortably.

Wrap Hair in a Silk Scarf After Curling to Set the Style

wrap hair in a silk scarf after curling to set the style

Securing your curls with a silk scarf overnight locks in your style while reducing frizz and breakage.

Invest in a Good Quality Ceramic or Tourmaline Curling Tool

invest in a good quality ceramic or tourmaline curling tool

Opting for ceramic or tourmaline tools can provide even heat distribution, minimizing damage and enhancing curl longevity.

Use Sea Salt Spray for a Beachy, Natural Curl

use sea salt spray for a beachy natural curl

A spritz of sea salt spray adds texture, offering your locks a windswept, tousled look reminiscent of a day at the beach.

Combine Twist-outs With a Blow-dryer for More Defined Curls

combine twist outs with a blow dryer for more defined curls

By marrying twist-outs with the gentle heat of a blow-dryer, you amplify curl definition for a striking, sculpted look.

Use a Wide-tooth Comb for Detangling to Maintain Curl Shape

use a wide tooth comb for detangling to maintain curl shape

A wide-tooth comb gently separates curls without disrupting their natural form.

Trim Hair Regularly to Prevent Split Ends From Weighing Down Curls

trim hair regularly to prevent split ends from weighing down curls

Regular trims maintain your hair’s health, allowing your curls to bounce freely without the drag of split ends.