15 Essential Tips on How to Blow Dry Curly Hair

Learn how to master the art of blow drying curly hair for frizz-free volume and defined curls.

Pre-dry With a Microfiber Towel

pre dry with a microfiber towel

Wrapping curls in a microfiber towel removes excess moisture without causing frizz or disrupting the hair’s natural pattern.

Apply a Heat Protectant Spray

apply a heat protectant spray

Shielding your curls from damage, a heat protectant forms a barrier between your hair and the high temperatures of blow-drying.

Use a Diffuser Attachment

use a diffuser attachment

A diffuser attachment spreads the airflow evenly to define curls and reduce frizz while drying.

Dry Roots First for Volume

dry roots first for volume

Focusing on root drying boosts lift at the scalp, resulting in bouncier curls.

Keep Dryer On a Low Heat Setting

keep dryer on a low heat setting

Maintaining a low heat setting helps prevent heat damage and keeps curls intact.

Blow Dry On the Cool Setting to Finish

blow dry on the cool setting to finish

Locking in your curls with a blast of cold air sets the style and adds shine.

Use a Wide-tooth Comb to Detangle

use a wide tooth comb to detangle

Gently running a wide-tooth comb through your curls helps minimize frizz and breakage before styling.

Section Hair and Clip for Control

section hair and clip for control

Dividing your curls into manageable sections ensures precision during the drying process, preventing frizz and promoting even styling.

Hold the Dryer At a Distance

hold the dryer at a distance

Maintaining a gap between your curls and the diffuser helps prevent frizz and keeps the natural pattern of your curls intact.

Move the Diffuser in a Circular Motion

move the diffuser in a circular motion

Swirling the diffuser around each section encourages even heat distribution, reducing frizz and helping to define your curls.

Focus On One Section At a Time

focus on one section at a time

Concentrating on individual sections minimizes frizz and allows for even drying and defined curls.

Dry Hair to 80% to Maintain Shape

dry hair to 80 to maintain shape

Stopping at 80% preserves the curls’ natural form and minimizes frizz.

Finish With a Curl-defining Cream

finish with a curl defining cream

Applying a curl-defining cream helps maintain the hair’s shape and enhances the longevity of the style.

Tilt Head Forward to Enhance Volume

tilt head forward to enhance volume

Bending forward while drying lifts roots away from the scalp, boosting volume as curls set.

Air-dry a Bit Before Blow-drying

air dry a bit before blow drying

Letting hair partially air-dry reduces heat exposure and preserves natural curl patterns.