15 Haircuts for Semi Curly Hair Male: Stylish Ideas for a Trendy Look

Selecting the right haircut for semi-curly hair can transform a man’s appearance; this article provides practical haircut ideas tailored for men with this hair texture.

Undercut With Defined Curls On Top

undercut with defined curls on top

The undercut with defined curls juxtaposes short, clean sides with a voluminous curly top for a striking contrast. This style accentuates the natural texture of semi-curly hair, providing a modern and edgy look. It allows for easy maintenance on the sides while showcasing the curls’ unique pattern above.

Layered Medium Length for Volume

layered medium length for volume

Layered cuts enhance the natural texture of semi-curly hair, adding movement and bounce. The varied lengths prevent the hair from lying flat, giving it a voluminous appearance. This style provides a versatile look that works well for both casual and formal settings.

Short Sides With Curly Quiff

short sides with curly quiff

A short sides with curly quiff haircut blends a high-contrast look with the natural texture of semi-curly hair. The sides are trimmed short to emphasize the volume and shape of the quiff. This style provides a modern twist that is both fashionable and manageable for males with semi-curly locks.

Textured Crop for Curly Fringe

textured crop for curly fringe

The textured crop features a short, tapered cut on the sides and back, with more length left on top to allow curls to form a stylish fringe. The added texture showcases the natural curl pattern, giving the fringe a modern and dynamic appearance. This cut suits those looking for a manageable, on-trend style that requires minimal styling for a semi-curly hair texture.

Fade With Curly Pompadour

fade with curly pompadour

The combination of a fade and a curly pompadour creates a striking contrast that accentuates the texture of semi-curly hair. This style keeps the sides clean and neat, allowing the voluminous, curly top to become the focal point. It’s ideal for those seeking a modern twist on a classic look, offering both sophistication and edge.

Side-parted Curly Comb-over

side parted curly comb over

The side-parted curly comb-over balances structure with the natural flow of semi-curly hair. Well-defined parting gives a clean, professional look while allowing curls their playful freedom. It’s a versatile style that adapts to both casual and formal settings, accentuating the hair’s texture.

Taper Fade With Ringlet Top

taper fade with ringlet top

This style features graduated trimming that blends into the skin, providing a sharp contrast to the voluminous curls above. It suits semi curly hair well as it showcases the texture without overwhelming the face. The ringlet top allows for playful styling, giving the look a touch of personality.

Curly Fringe With High Fade

curly fringe with high fade

This style merges the edginess of a high fade with the playfulness of a curly fringe. The contrast between the sharp fade at the sides and the soft curls on the forehead emphasizes the hair’s natural texture. It’s a modern, maintenance-friendly choice for those seeking a trendy, yet manageable look.

Buzz Cut With Curly Texture

buzz cut with curly texture

The buzz cut accentuates natural curls with minimal styling required, lending a tidy yet expressive look. This low maintenance option particularly suits those seeking a sharp, masculine aesthetic with an effortless edge. It allows for a cooler feel, perfect for active lifestyles or warmer climates.

Curly Shag Haircut

curly shag haircut

The curly shag offers a laid-back, rockstar vibe with its tousled layers that enhance natural texture. This style works well to evenly distribute volume, making it ideal for semi-curly hair that desires movement without excessive weight. Maintenance involves regular trims to keep the shape and occasional use of curl-defining products for an effortless finish.

Slicked-back Curls With Taper

slicked back curls with taper

This style combines the elegance of slicked-back hair with the edgy contrast of a taper, creating a modern, sophisticated look. Perfect for semi-curly hair, the natural texture adds a unique flair to the sleek aesthetic. The gradual fade of the taper accentuates the curls, making maintenance manageable and the style sharp.

Afro Haircut With Shape-up

afro haircut with shape up

The Afro haircut accentuates the natural volume and texture of semi-curly hair. A shape-up frames the face by cleaning up the hairline and temple area. This combination enhances the hairstyle’s structure and offers a clean, sharp look.

Curly Hair With Hard Part

A hard part adds a striking contrast to curly textures, creating a bold statement. This style involves shaving a line into the scalp to define the separation between the parted hair. It offers a clean, modern edge to the otherwise soft appearance of curls.

Long Curly Hair With Layers

long curly hair with layers

Long layers add movement and ease the bulkiness of semi-curly hair. This style offers versatility, allowing for a range of looks from casual to sophisticated. It’s particularly effective in showcasing the natural texture while maintaining length.

Bro Flow for Wavy Curls

bro flow for wavy curls

The Bro flow accommodates the unpredictable nature of semi-curly hair by allowing the curls to fall naturally. It’s ideal for those who prefer a low-maintenance style that embraces the hair’s inherent texture. This cut offers a relaxed vibe suitable for casual and professional settings alike.