15 Stylish Curly Edgar Haircut Ideas to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover a variety of curly Edgar haircut styles to give your locks a fresh and fashionable edge.

Tapered Edgar With Defined Curls

tapered edgar with defined curls

This style blends the sharpness of an Edgar cut with the natural bounce of well-defined curls, creating a striking contrast that frames the face.

High Top Curly Edgar Fade

high top curly edgar fade

The High Top Curly Edgar Fade combines the classic high top’s volume with tight curls and a seamlessly tapered fade, offering a sharp contrast and modern flair to a throwback style.

Asymmetrical Curly Edgar

asymmetrical curly edgar

An asymmetrical take on the Edgar allows for creative expression, with curls cascading at differing lengths to frame the face distinctively.

Textured Curly Top With Razor Line

textured curly top with razor line

A cascade of curls takes center stage, with a razor-sharp line adding a sleek, contemporary edge to the style.

Curly Edgar With Hard Part

curly edgar with hard part

A sharp, defined line carves through the curls, adding a striking contrast to the soft textures atop an Edgar cut.

Wavy Edgar With Bald Fade

wavy edgar with bald fade

The Wavy Edgar with Bald Fade combines undulating waves on top with a skin-tight fade around the sides and back for a sharp contrast.

Curly Top Edgar With Beard Fade

curly top edgar with beard fade

Integrating a beard fade with a Curly Top Edgar provides a seamless transition that highlights facial features while maintaining the hairstyle’s playful texture.

Curly Edgar With Undercut

curly edgar with undercut

This style marries the volume of curls on top with a sleek, shaved look on the sides for a striking contrast.

Bowl Cut-Inspired Curly Edgar

bowl cut inspired curly edgar

This rendition merges the retro vibe of a bowl cut with the modern flair of an Edgar, providing a full, rounded crown of curls atop a clean fade.

Voluminous Curly Edgar With Drop Fade

voluminous curly edgar with drop fade

This style combines lush curls on top with a gradual reduction at the sides, blending seamlessly into the skin for a sharp contrast.

Curly Edgar With Disconnected Undercut

curly edgar with disconnected undercut

Adding a disconnected undercut to a Curly Edgar elevates the style by creating a sharp contrast between the voluminous curls on top and the closely shaved sides.

Slicked Back Curly Edgar

slicked back curly edgar

For a sharp, polished look, the Slicked Back Curly Edgar emphasizes defined curls swept back for a sleek, dynamic contrast to the traditional edgy cut.

Messy Curly Edgar With Mid Fade

messy curly edgar with mid fade

Embrace the whimsical flair of untamed curls atop a crisp mid fade for a bold yet carefree style statement.

Curly Edgar With Side-Swept Fringe

curly edgar with side swept fringe

This hairstyle boasts playful waves that cascade to one side, adding a dynamic twist to the conventional Edgar cut.

Curly Edgar Frohawk

curly edgar frohawk

Marrying the audacity of a mohawk with the texture of curls, this style stands out with its striking contrast in lengths and the distinctive strip of voluminous curls running from the forehead to the nape.