15 Stylish Mixed Curly Hair Fade Ideas to Refresh Your Look

Discover fresh and fashionable fade haircut ideas for mixed curly hair that blend style and personality.

Tapered Fade With Ringlet Top

tapered fade with ringlet top

This style plays with contrasts, featuring close-cropped sides that ascend into a bounty of ringlets, offering a sleek yet playful aesthetic.

Skin Fade With Loose Curls

skin fade with loose curls

The skin fade with loose curls combines the sharp contrast of closely shaven sides with the relaxed, carefree vibe of fuller curls on top.

Undercut Fade With Tight Coils

undercut fade with tight coils

The undercut fade pairs neatly shaven sides with a crown of tight coils, offering a stark, striking contrast that accentuates curly texture.

High Top Fade With Defined Curls

high top fade with defined curls

This style elevates your curls, showcasing them above a sharp contrast of faded sides for a striking and stylish look.

Mid-Fade With Curl Sponge Finish

mid fade with curl sponge finish

The mid-fade haircut creates a suave transition from shaved sides to a sponge-finished top, showcasing your curls in a trendy, structured style.

Low Fade With Curly Fringe

low fade with curly fringe

This style blends a subtle gradient at the sides and back into a playful curl-draped forehead, offering a modern twist on classic fringe.

Side Part Fade With Asymmetrical Curls

side part fade with asymmetrical curls

The Side Part Fade with Asymmetrical Curls combines a sharp parting line with uneven curl lengths for a dapper, yet edgy look.

Drop Fade With Voluminous Curls

drop fade with voluminous curls

The drop fade pairs an arc that dips around the ear with abundant curls on top, offering a striking contrast and adding height to the profile.

Temple Fade With Natural Curl Texture

temple fade with natural curl texture

The Temple Fade with Natural Curl Texture blends a sleek gradient at the temples with the hair’s innate curl pattern, offering a low-maintenance yet stylish look.

Burst Fade With Mohawk Curls

burst fade with mohawk curls

The burst fade accentuates mohawk curls, creating a striking contrast by curving around the ears and enhancing the coiled crown’s prominence.

Scissor Fade With Soft Curl Contour

scissor fade with soft curl contour

The scissor fade offers a gradual transition to neatly trimmed sides, complementing the soft curls on top for a balanced, elegant look.

Bald Fade With Curly Quiff

bald fade with curly quiff

This style marries a sleek, skin-close shave around the sides with a playful, curly quiff that adds volume and flair on top.

Shadow Fade With Wild Curls

shadow fade with wild curls

This style blends a subtle gradient at the sides into an expanse of untamed curls, offering a rugged yet polished aesthetic.

Razor Fade With Sculpted Curly Top

razor fade with sculpted curly top

This edgy style features a sharp transition between the ultra-short sides and a curly top sculpted for texture.

Faux Hawk Fade With Curly Twists

faux hawk fade with curly twists

This style elevates the classic faux hawk by twisting the curls to add a playful edge while the fade keeps the look clean and modern.