15 Stylish Long Hair Low Taper Fade Ideas

Discover stylish long hair low taper fade haircuts that blend length with clean-cut edges for a fresh look.

Slicked Back Top With Low Taper Fade

slicked back top with low taper fade

The style merges the elegance of slicked-back locks with the crisp, gradual shortening of a low taper, offering a suave and contemporary contrast.

Man Bun With Low Fade

man bun with low fade

A man bun paired with a low taper fade merges the edge of a short cut with the laid-back vibe of longer locks pulled back.

Long Textured Waves and Low Fade

long textured waves and low fade

Embrace a beachy vibe by coupling flowing, textured waves with a subtle gradation of the low fade, achieving a harmonious balance between volume and sleekness.

Side Part With Low Fade

side part with low fade

The side part enhances the classic charm, while the low fade offers a crisp, modern edge, blending both old-school suavity and contemporary neatness.

Low Fade With Long Comb Over

low fade with long comb over

A low fade with long comb over involves seamlessly blending shorter sides into a sleek, side-swept top for a sharp contrast and a touch of classic charm.

Braided Top With Low Taper Fade

braided top with low taper fade

This style harmonizes intricate braids with the subtle gradient of a low taper fade, showcasing an edgy contrast between textured artistry and clean, shaved sides.

Ponytail and Low Taper Side Fade

ponytail and low taper side fade

This hairstyle blends the practicality of a ponytail with the edgy contrast of a low taper fade, offering a clean look at the temples that transitions to length and versatility at the crown.

Shoulder-Length Layers With Low Fade

shoulder length layers with low fade

This style harmonizes the flow of layered shoulder-length hair with the sharp contrast of a low fade, offering a fresh twist on classic length.

Curly Top With Low Taper Fade

curly top with low taper fade

A low taper fade accentuates curly locks, offering a sharp contrast that frames the face and showcases volume on top.

Pompadour With Low Taper Fade

pompadour with low taper fade

This style elevates the classic pompadour with a gradual fade that transitions smoothly from the voluminous top to the neatly-trimmed sides.

Half-Up Half-Down Style With Low Fade

half up half down style with low fade

This hairstyle blends the elegance of a bound upper section with the edginess of a close-cropped fade at the sides, offering a versatile look that transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Straight Long Hair With Low Taper Fade

straight long hair with low taper fade

This style maintains length and volume while creating a subtle transition to finely clipped hair at the nape and sides.

Long Fringe With Low Taper Fade

long fringe with low taper fade

The long fringe sweeps across the forehead, adding a touch of whimsy, while the clean low taper fade brings a sharp definition to the overall haircut.

Undercut With Long Top and Low Fade

undercut with long top and low fade

An undercut with a long top and low fade combines clean-cut sides with voluminous length on top for a contrast that’s sharp and modern.

Top Knot With Shaved Low Fade

top knot with shaved low fade

The top knot with a shaved low fade marries the edginess of closely cropped sides with the nonchalance of a casual, knotted-up crown.