15 Thick Curly Hair Men Styles and Care Tips

Learn how to style and manage thick curly hair with effective tips and trendy hairstyle suggestions for men.

Taper Fade With Defined Coils

taper fade with defined coils

A taper fade blends seamlessly into the skin, amplifying the coils’ prominence and offering a sharp, clean-cut look.

Undercut With Soft Ringlets

undercut with soft ringlets

This style pairs a sleek undercut with the natural bounce of ringlets, offering a clean-cut look while showcasing the hair’s volume.

Short Sides With Voluminous Top

short sides with voluminous top

This style contrasts closely cropped sides with a full, bouncy crown, offering a striking look that draws the eye upward and showcases the hair’s natural texture.

Long Layered Curls

long layered curls

Long layers give curls the freedom to bounce and reduce bulk, creating a natural cascade of waves that frame the face appealingly.

Curly Fringe With a High Fade

curly fringe with a high fade

This style blends a striking high fade on the sides with a cascade of curls on top, framing the face with texture and movement.

Afro With Shape-up

afro with shape up

This style frames the face by carving crisp lines into the natural volume of an Afro, offering a neat and striking contrast.

Curly Quiff With Low Fade

curly quiff with low fade

This style combines the volume of a quiff with the neat contrast of a low fade, making it a striking option for those with thick curls.

Medium Length Curls With Part

medium length curls with part

This style strikes a balance, offering versatility with a side part that adds structure, making it a functional choice for both casual and formal settings.

Shoulder-length Tousled Curls

shoulder length tousled curls

The relaxed shoulder-grazing curls work to frame the face while offering a carefree, effortless appeal.

Tight Curly Top With Skin Fade

tight curly top with skin fade

Maintain the spotlight on your curls by blending them seamlessly into a clean, short fade at the sides for contrast and structure.

Curly Pompadour

curly pompadour

A curly pompadour elevates the classic style, adding texture and flair as curls bring a new dimension atop the lift and roll of this iconic hairdo.

Wavy Shag Cut

wavy shag cut

The wavy shag cut offers a rebelliously tousled appearance that plays up the natural volume of thick curls.

Man Bun With Curly Texture

man bun with curly texture

The man bun, a versatile hairstyle, elevates the natural volume of thick, curly locks by pulling them back into a neat yet carefree updo.

Curly Caesar Cut

curly caesar cut

The Curly Caesar cut frames the face with a uniform trim, infusing classic style with the dynamic texture of curls.

Side-parted Loose Curls

side parted loose curls

Side-parted loose curls frame the face with a casual elegance and provide a versatile look suitable for both office and leisure.