15 Easy Ways to Make Your Hair Curly at Home

Discover effective methods to transform your hair into curls and learn how to maintain them.

Use Flexi Rods

use flexi rods

Flexi rods bend easily around strands, creating smooth, bouncy spirals without heat damage.

Sleep in Braids

sleep in braids

Overnight braiding creates soft waves for a natural-looking curl.

Try Pin Curls

try pin curls

Pin curls, small sections of damp hair coiled and secured close to the scalp, create voluminous, long-lasting curls without the need for heat.

Use a Curling Wand

use a curling wand

A curling wand crafts looser waves or tight spirals, offering versatility in curl style with its conical shape.

Experiment With Perm Rods

experiment with perm rods

Perm rods offer a semi-permanent way to sculpt coils of varying sizes into your locks, setting the stage for curls that can last weeks.

Apply Rag Rollers

apply rag rollers

Rag rollers, strips of cloth used to curl hair, offer a gentle, heat-free option for achieving soft waves overnight.

Use a Diffuser On Blow Dryer

use a diffuser on blow dryer

Attaching a diffuser to your blow dryer scatters the airflow, which helps shape your locks into waves and curls without direct heat’s frizz.

Use Foam Curlers Overnight

use foam curlers overnight

Foam curlers offer a gentle, heat-free option for achieving soft waves while you get your beauty sleep.

Twist Hair Into Bantu Knots

twist hair into bantu knots

For beachy waves without the heat, twist your locks into these small, coiled buns before bed; you’ll wake up to a head full of soft, bouncy curls.

Use a Spiral Curling Iron

use a spiral curling iron

A spiral curling iron crafts well-defined, spiral-shaped curls that add bounce and volume to your hair.

Apply Hair Rollers After Washing

apply hair rollers after washing

For bouncy, voluptuous curls, set damp hair on rollers and allow them to dry fully before removal.

Try a Curling Ribbon Technique

try a curling ribbon technique

The curling ribbon technique involves twisting strands of hair around a flat ribbon to form soft, flowing curls after drying.

Use Chopsticks for Tight Curls

use chopsticks for tight curls

Chopsticks can serve as makeshift curlers, sculpting your strands into springy, defined spirals.

Try a Twist-out Method

try a twist out method

The twist-out method sets your hair into defined curls by twisting sections while damp and allowing them to dry.

Use a Triple-barrel Curling Iron

use a triple barrel curling iron

A triple-barrel curling iron crafts deep, beachy waves, adding volume and movement to your locks.