15 Curly Bob Ideas for a Chic Hairstyle Update

Discover fresh and stylish curly bob hairstyles that can transform your look and flatter your natural hair texture.

Asymmetrical Curly Bob

asymmetrical curly bob

This style adds a modern twist to traditional bobs by cutting the hair at varying lengths to create an edgy contrast between the two sides.

Beach Wave Bob With Highlights

beach wave bob with highlights

Sun-kissed highlights add dimension to tousled, beachy waves, giving the classic bob a playful, summer-infused twist.

Jaw-Length Curly Bob With Bangs

jaw length curly bob with bangs

This style frames the face with tightly coiled curls, cut off at the jaw for a playful, bouncy look, while the addition of bangs draws attention to the eyes.

Stacked Curly Bob

stacked curly bob

A stacked curly bob involves shorter layers at the back that build volume near the crown, creating a rounded silhouette that flatters a variety of face shapes.

Inverted Curly Bob

inverted curly bob

An inverted curly bob presents a dramatic shape by being shorter at the back and gradually lengthening towards the front, adding a voluminous lift to curls.

Curly Bob With Shaved Side

curly bob with shaved side

A shaved side brings an edgy contrast to the softness of the curls, offering a striking, modern twist on the classic bob.

Tousled Curly Bob

tousled curly bob

A tousled curly bob offers a playful and carefree look with its perfectly messy curls and effortless style.

Curly Bob With Undercut

curly bob with undercut

The undercut adds a daring contrast to the voluminous curls, carving out a distinct edge in a sea of soft waves.

Curly Bob With Side Part

curly bob with side part

A side part adds a twist to the classic bob, framing the face with soft curls that cascade asymmetrically.

Angled Curly Bob

angled curly bob

An angled curly bob provides a striking silhouette, shorter at the back and gradually lengthened towards the face, accentuating curls with a modern twist.

Curly Bob With Ombre

curly bob with ombre

Gradual color transition from dark roots to light tips adds depth and dimension to the curls, emphasizing the voluminous shape of the bob.

Blunt Curly Bob

blunt curly bob

The blunt curly bob offers a striking silhouette, combining sharp, precise ends with voluminous curls for a bold statement.

Curly Bob With Ribbon Highlights

curly bob with ribbon highlights

Ribbon highlights add a playful contrast throughout the curls, giving depth and dimension to the bob’s shape.

Choppy Curly Bob

choppy curly bob

Choppy layers add a playful edge and enhance the volume of natural curls.

Curly Bob With Tapered Nape

curly bob with tapered nape

Embrace elegance with a tapered nape that accentuates the neck, adding a graceful finish to the lively curls above.