15 Curly Red Hair Styles and Ideas for a Fresh Look

Discover fresh and exciting styles for curly red hair that will invigorate your look.

Auburn Spiral Curls With Copper Highlights

auburn spiral curls with copper highlights

Radiant copper streaks catch the light, accentuating the warm auburn base of each soft twirl.

Cherry Red Ringlets With Side-swept Bangs

cherry red ringlets with side swept bangs

Vibrant cherry tones breathe life into ringlets, while the bangs add a touch of softness to frame the face.

Burgundy Tight Coils With a Shaved Undercut

burgundy tight coils with a shaved undercut

This style combines the edginess of an undercut with the elegance of burgundy coils, offering a striking contrast and a low-maintenance nape.

Fire Engine Red Loose Waves With Middle Part

fire engine red loose waves with middle part

Vivid and dynamic, this style turns heads with its striking color and soft, billowing texture that frames the face symmetrically.

Ginger Curls With Blonde Tips and Face-framing Layers

ginger curls with blonde tips and face framing layers

This style accentuates the face with its lighter ends and strategic layers, giving the hair movement and a sun-kissed feel.

Deep Ruby Red Afro With a Headband

deep ruby red afro with a headband

The deep ruby hue accentuates the voluminous shape of the afro, while the headband adds a practical yet stylish touch, keeping the curls well-defined and away from the face.

Bright Scarlet Curls With a Tousled Bob Cut

bright scarlet curls with a tousled bob cut

Bright scarlet tones breathe life into a playful bob, where tousled waves create a sense of effortless chic.

Wine Red Corkscrew Curls With a Deep Side Part

wine red corkscrew curls with a deep side part

This style evokes a refined look, where the rich wine hue pairs with spiraled locks to frame the face elegantly, accentuated by the asymmetry of a deep side part.

Strawberry Red Beachy Waves With a Fishtail Braid

strawberry red beachy waves with a fishtail braid

Strawberry red tresses catch the light, giving off a sun-kissed glow, while the fishtail braid adds a playful twist to the effortless waves.

Crimson Curly Pixie Cut

crimson curly pixie cut

A crimson pixie cut marries boldness and playfulness, showcasing vibrant curls in a sassy, low-maintenance style.

Rust-colored Voluminous Curls With a High Ponytail

rust colored voluminous curls with a high ponytail

Elevate your style with a high ponytail that showcases the vibrant rust hues and full-bodied texture of your curls.

Merlot Red Shoulder-length Curls With a Floppy Hat

merlot red shoulder length curls with a floppy hat

Draped beneath a broad-brimmed hat, these rich, merlot-hued curls provide a contrast that’s both striking and elegant for shoulder-length hair.

Mahogany Tight Curl Updo With a Floral Accessory

mahogany tight curl updo with a floral accessory

A mahogany-hued updo showcases well-defined spirals, elegantly punctuated with a floral pin for added charm.

Neon Red Kinky Curls With a Silk Scarf Headwrap

neon red kinky curls with a silk scarf headwrap

Vibrant neon red kinks pop against the smooth texture of a chic silk headwrap, offering a striking contrast and instant style elevation.

Rosewood Red Sleek Top Knot With Curly Bangs

rosewood red sleek top knot with curly bangs

This style combines elegance with playful charm, featuring a polished bun at the crown paired with bouncy bangs to frame the face.