15 Easy Ways on How to Get Curly Hair

Discover a variety of methods to achieve curly hair, whether you prefer heat styling, chemical treatments, or natural techniques.

Use a Curling Iron

use a curling iron

Select the appropriate barrel size for your desired curl tightness when using a curling iron. Clamp a small section of hair, twist around the barrel, and hold for a few seconds to set the curl. For longer-lasting results, finish with a spritz of hairspray once the curls cool.

Sleep With Braids

sleep with braids

Sleeping with braids is a simple technique for achieving waves or curls without heat. The tightness of the braids dictates the size and intensity of the waves. This method works well on damp hair, setting the stage for well-defined curls by morning.

Apply Curl-enhancing Products

apply curl enhancing products

Curl-enhancing products contain ingredients that support and hold the natural shape of curls or waves. They work by combating frizz, adding moisture, and providing the necessary texture to help hair maintain its curl once styled. They come in various forms, including creams, gels, mousses, and sprays, catering to different hair types and curl patterns.

Try Pin Curls

try pin curls

Pin curls offer a heat-free method to achieve well-defined curls with longevity. This technique involves wrapping damp hair around a finger and securing it flat against the scalp with bobby pins or clips. Once dry, the pins are removed to reveal tight, bouncy curls.

Use Hair Rollers

use hair rollers

Hair rollers work by wrapping damp hair around various sized barrels to create curls as the hair dries. The size of the roller dictates the tightness of the curl, with smaller rollers creating tighter spirals and larger ones producing waves. For long-lasting results, rollers are typically left in place until hair is completely dry, either naturally or with the help of a hairdryer.

Attempt a Twist-out

attempt a twist out

A twist-out involves twisting sections of damp or moisturized hair and then unraveling them after they’ve dried to create defined curls. This technique is particularly effective for those with naturally textured or afro hair, as it enhances the curl pattern without heat. The resulting curls are typically soft, voluminous, and can last for several days with proper maintenance.

Use a Diffuser On a Blow Dryer

use a diffuser on a blow dryer

A diffuser attachment disperses the airflow of a blow dryer to evenly encourage natural curls and waves without frizz. Its prongs lift and separate hair while drying, helping to enhance volume and define curls. For best results, diffuse hair on a low heat setting while scrunching curls with your hands.

Try Rag Curls

try rag curls

Rag curls create soft, natural-looking waves without the need for heat, reducing hair damage. This method involves wrapping small sections of damp hair around strips of cloth and leaving them to set overnight. Upon removal, the rags reveal gentle curls that can be styled as desired.

Use a Flat Iron for Curls

use a flat iron for curls

A flat iron, typically used for straightening, can also create curls by wrapping sections of hair around the heated plates. The technique requires twisting the iron away from your face and pulling it down the strand to form a curl. This method can produce everything from tight ringlets to loose waves, depending on the iron’s width and the hair’s length.

Try a Perm At a Salon

try a perm at a salon

Opting for a perm offers a long-lasting solution to achieving curls. A professional stylist applies chemicals to break and reform the hair’s structural bonds. This treatment can produce various curl patterns, from waves to tight spirals, depending on the rods used.

Use Flexi-rods

use flexi rods

Flexi-rods are soft, bendable rods that come in a variety of diameters, catering to different curl sizes. They allow for versatile curl patterns without using heat, which helps maintain hair health. Applying flexi-rods typically involves wrapping sections of damp hair around the rods and leaving them in place to set the curls.

Try Sponge Rollers

try sponge rollers

Sponge rollers are soft and cushiony, ideal for overnight use to create curls without discomfort. They work well on damp hair, forming defined curls as the hair dries. This method is gentle on the hair, minimizing damage compared to heat styling tools.

Use a Curl Sponge for Short Hair

use a curl sponge for short hair

A curl sponge is a tool designed with textured holes that create twists and curls when rubbed against natural hair types, typically used on short, damp hair. The sponge’s movements in circular motions across the head encourage the formation of tight ringlets or coils with minimal effort. It’s an effective method for defining curls without the use of heat, ensuring less damage to the hair.

Bantu Knots Method

bantu knots method

Bantu knots, which originate from African styling traditions, create defined, resilient curls when unraveled. This method involves sectioning the hair and twisting each section into small, tight knots, which are then left to set. Upon releasing the knots after several hours or overnight, the hair reveals curls that can range from waves to tight spirals depending on the hair’s texture and the size of the knots formed.

Use Heatless Curling Ribbon

use heatless curling ribbon

Heatless curling ribbons offer a gentle method for achieving curls without damaging heat. They are typically made of soft materials that you wrap damp hair around and leave in place overnight. This method provides long-lasting curls with minimal effort and no hair damage.