15 Solutions for When Your Hair is Naturally Curly But Won’t Curl Anymore

This article provides actionable solutions for when your naturally curly hair loses its curl pattern.

Deep Condition to Restore Moisture

deep condition to restore moisture

A deep conditioning treatment infuses curls with essential moisture, combatting dryness that can lead to loss of natural curl pattern.

Trim to Eliminate Damaged Ends

trim to eliminate damaged ends

Regular trims remove split ends, promoting healthier curls that spring back with life.

Use a Curl-enhancing Shampoo

use a curl enhancing shampoo

Selecting a shampoo infused with ingredients that boost curl pattern can rejuvenate lifeless locks.

Switch to a Silk Pillowcase

switch to a silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases can prevent hair breakage by reducing friction, potentially enhancing your curls’ ability to retain their shape.

Apply a Curl-defining Cream

apply a curl defining cream

Curl-defining creams assist in reinforcing your hair’s natural shape, encouraging it to curl as intended while adding essential moisture and hold.

Reduce Heat Styling Tools Usage

reduce heat styling tools usage

Cutting back on heat tools prevents further damage and helps curls regain their natural bounce.

Incorporate Protein Treatments

incorporate protein treatments

Protein treatments strengthen hair cuticles, encouraging your curls to spring back to life.

Avoid Heavy Styling Products

avoid heavy styling products

Opting for lightweight alternatives can prevent your curls from being weighed down, allowing them to bounce back to life.

Try Plopping With a Microfiber Towel

try plopping with a microfiber towel

Plopping with a microfiber towel assists in defining curls by absorbing excess water without causing frizz.

Use a Diffuser When Blow-drying

use a diffuser when blow drying

A diffuser attachment disperses the hot air from a blow dryer to support natural curl formation without causing frizz.

Detangle With a Wide-tooth Comb

detangle with a wide tooth comb

A wide-tooth comb gently separates strands, reducing breakage and preserving natural curl patterns.

Try Finger Coiling to Shape Curls

try finger coiling to shape curls

Finger coiling manually shapes your strands into defined curls, helping to revive curl patterns that have gone lax.

Use a Lighter Leave-in Conditioner

use a lighter leave in conditioner

Opt for a featherweight leave-in that won’t weigh down your curls, promoting bounce and definition.

Experiment With a Curl Reset Gel

experiment with a curl reset gel

Curl reset gels reinvigorate lifeless curls by providing a lightweight hold and definition.

Maintain Hydration By Drinking Water

maintain hydration by drinking water

Keeping your body hydrated supports the overall health of your hair, helping to revive your curls from the inside out.