15 Creative Perm Hair Ideas to Refresh Your Look

Discover modern twists on classic perms to bring bounce and personality to your locks.

Beach Wave Perm

beach wave perm

A Beach Wave Perm imparts a relaxed, tousled look reminiscent of carefree days spent by the sea.

Root Volume Boost Perm

root volume boost perm

This technique amplifies lift at the hair’s base, offering a fuller look without tight curls.

Spiral Curl Perm

spiral curl perm

The Spiral Curl Perm offers tightly coiled curls for a dynamic and voluminous look.

Body Wave Perm

body wave perm

The Body Wave Perm offers a natural-looking wave and added volume, creating a soft, full-bodied look.

Pin Curl Perm

pin curl perm

Achieve a classic vintage look with tight, bouncy curls using the Pin Curl Perm, reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.

Multi-Textured Perm

multi textured perm

A multi-textured perm combines different curl sizes to create a dynamic, natural-looking wave pattern throughout the hair.

Stack Perm

stack perm

A stack perm adds curls to the middle and ends of the hair while leaving the roots relatively straighter, creating volume and movement for a layered look.

Partial Perm

partial perm

The partial perm adds curl and volume to specific areas, like the ends or layers, without treating the entire head for a natural-looking enhancement to your hairstyle.

Vintage Glam Perm

vintage glam perm

Channel the sophistication of bygone eras with curls that cascade with timeless elegance, reminiscent of the movie starlets from the 1940s and 50s.

Pixie Curl Perm

pixie curl perm

A Pixie Curl Perm adds playful coils to short hair, creating texture and fullness for a dynamic, low-maintenance style.

Loose S-Curl Perm

loose s curl perm

The Loose S-Curl Perm delivers a natural-looking wave, offering volume with a soft, flowing pattern that mimics the relaxed curls of beach-tousled hair.

Tight Afro Perm

tight afro perm

The Tight Afro Perm gives a voluminous, defined curl pattern reminiscent of a natural afro, offering a bold and dynamic hair texture transformation.

Asymmetric Wave Perm

asymmetric wave perm

The Asymmetric Wave Perm adds a modern twist by creating uneven, artful waves that frame the face differently on each side, offering a bold and edgy look.

Ruffled Edge Perm

ruffled edge perm

The Ruffled Edge Perm adds a whimsical touch, creating soft, tousled edges that frame the face with a playful texture.

Soft Fringe Perm

soft fringe perm

The Soft Fringe Perm gives bangs a gentle wave, adding softness and movement to the hair’s frontal edge.