15 Curly Hair Extensions Styles to Elevate Your Look

Discover how to elevate your curls with a variety of hair extension techniques that can add volume, length, and style to your natural tresses.

Ombre Spiral Curls

ombre spiral curls

Ombre Spiral Curls blend two-tone color and bouncy curls for a playful yet sophisticated look.

Kinky Curl Clip-Ins

kinky curl clip ins

Kinky curl clip-ins add instant volume and texture, mirroring the intricacy of natural Afro curls.

Pastel Colored Coils

pastel colored coils

Pastel-colored coils offer a whimsical twist that seamlessly blends playful hues with your natural texture.

Unicorn Curl Halos

unicorn curl halos

Unicorn Curl Halos bring a whimsical twist to your mane, adding a spectrum of pastel hues to soft, bouncy curls.

Jet Black Tight Ringlets

jet black tight ringlets

Ideal for those craving a dramatic, bold look, these extensions transform straight hair into a head full of lustrous, jet black ringlets.

Honey Blonde Loose Waves

honey blonde loose waves

Honey blonde loose waves add a sun-kissed warmth and sophisticated volume to your existing curls, embodying a laid-back, beachy vibe.

Balayage Curl Wefts

balayage curl wefts

Balayage curl wefts blend graduated color with bouncy curls, offering a sun-kissed, dimensional effect that seamlessly integrates with your hair.

Silver Fox Corkscrew Extensions

silver fox corkscrew extensions

Elevate your look with lustrous Silver Fox Corkscrew Extensions, embodying elegance with a bold, modern twist.

Deep Burgundy Bob Coils

deep burgundy bob coils

Add a touch of mystery and elegance to your look with extensions that blend rich burgundy hues into a chic, voluminous bob.

Ash Brown Beachy Waves

ash brown beachy waves

Ash brown beachy waves offer a sun-kissed, relaxed vibe, perfect for enhancing your natural curls with a hint of soft, multi-dimensional color.

Natural Ginger Corkscrew Additions

natural ginger corkscrew additions

Infuse warmth into your style with extensions that mimic the fiery hue and dynamic spirals of natural red tresses.

Rainbow Mermaid Spirals

rainbow mermaid spirals

Rainbow Mermaid Spirals inject a playful burst of color, mimicking a mermaid’s whimsical hair, perfect for anyone looking to make a splash with vibrant hues and luscious curls.

Platinum Blonde Afro Puffs

platinum blonde afro puffs

Platinum blonde extensions deliver a daring twist to the classic afro puff, adding a burst of high-fashion drama to your look.

Chestnut Spiral Tendrils

chestnut spiral tendrils

Chestnut spiral tendrils offer a touch of elegance with their warm tones and soft, cascading curls, perfect for a refined, yet playful hairstyle.

Jet-Set Traveler Clip & Go Curls

jet set traveler clip amp go curls

For the globetrotter with a flair for luscious locks, these curls offer a swift, glamorous transformation with their easy-to-attach design.