15 Freetress Curly Hair Styling Ideas

Learn how to style your freetress curly hair with creative and exciting ideas.

Water Wave Bob

water wave bob

This style combines the playful bounce of water waves with the classic simplicity of a bob cut, ideal for a fresh, youthful look.

Shoulder-length Shaggy Afro

shoulder length shaggy afro

This style pairs voluminous curls with a carefree, tousled cut that frames the face beautifully.

Deep Twist Top Knot

deep twist top knot

This style elevates elegance by twisting curls into a sleek updo at the crown, perfect for both casual and formal settings.

Soft Spiral Half-Updo

soft spiral half updo

This style elegantly combines loose and tight curls, swept up from the face to highlight your features while maintaining volume and bounce at the back.

Crochet Beach Curls

crochet beach curls

Crochet beach curls offer a carefree, tousled look ideal for summer outings or casual days.

Blonde Curly Pixie

blonde curly pixie

This style combines pixie cut simplicity with playful, tight curls, adding a lively twist to the classic blonde look.

Ringlet Afro Puff

ringlet afro puff

This style elevates the classic puff by incorporating tight, defined curls that add texture and volume.

Side Swept Ringlet Bangs

side swept ringlet bangs

This style showcases bangs styled into defined ringlets, elegantly swept to one side for a soft, romantic look.

Curly Pony With Headscarf

curly pony with headscarf

This style combines the elegance of a high ponytail with the flair of a headscarf, accentuating the curls while adding a chic element for daily wear or special occasions.

Tapered Curly Mohawk

tapered curly mohawk

This style combines the daring edge of a mohawk with soft, tapered curls, offering a striking and modern look.

Voluminous Curly Frohawk

voluminous curly frohawk

This style elevates the classic frohawk by adding extra volume and texture to the curls, creating a bold and dynamic look.

Bohemian Curl Updo

bohemian curl updo

This style combines carefree, loose curls piled high to add a touch of whimsy and romantic flair.

Layered Spiral Curls

layered spiral curls

This style adds volume and dimension by arranging curls in varying lengths, creating a dynamic and textured appearance.

Curly Bangs With Bun

This style combines playful front curls with a sleek bun, providing an elegant yet fun aesthetic ideal for both casual and formal occasions.

Wispy Curls With Undercut

wispy curls with undercut

This style combines delicate, airy curls atop a sharply trimmed undercut, offering a striking contrast and a modern edge.