15 Ways to Make Straight Hair Curly: Simple Techniques & Tips

Discover practical techniques to transform straight hair into bouncy curls that defy the flatness of typical strands.

Use a Curling Iron

use a curling iron

For immediate curls, wield a curling iron – a trusty tool that offers a variety of styles from tight spirals to loose waves.

Try Heatless Curl Wraps

try heatless curl wraps

Heatless curl wraps allow for gentle styling, creating curls without subjecting hair to potential heat damage.

Sleep With Foam Rollers

sleep with foam rollers

Overnight, foam rollers work their magic, setting your hair into bouncy curls as you sleep.

Experiment With Flexi-rods

experiment with flexi rods

Flexi-rods bend into any shape, creating a variety of curl sizes without heat damage.

Apply a Sea Salt Spray

apply a sea salt spray

Spritzing sea salt spray adds texture to straight hair, giving it a tousled, wavy appearance.

Braid Hair Before Sleeping

braid hair before sleeping

Waking up to waves is a breeze when you tuck in with damp, loosely braided hair.

Use a Flat Iron for Waves

use a flat iron for waves

A flat iron, conventionally used for straightening, can adeptly sculpt beachy waves with the right technique.

Twirl Sections and Pin

twirl sections and pin

Grab a lock of hair, twirl it around your finger, then pin it flat against your head to set curls without heat.

Use a Diffuser On a Blow Dryer

use a diffuser on a blow dryer

Attaching a diffuser to your blow dryer disperses the hot air more evenly, helping to enhance natural curls and add volume without direct heat damage.

Use a Perm At a Salon

use a perm at a salon

A professional perm transforms straight hair into lasting curls with chemical solutions applied by a stylist.

Sponge Rollers Overnight

sponge rollers overnight

Sleeping with sponge rollers creates lasting curls without heat damage.

Rag Curls With Fabric Strips

rag curls with fabric strips

Wrap damp hair around strips of fabric and tie them off to set curls without heat overnight.

Pin Curl Technique

pin curl technique

The pin curl technique sets damp hair in loops secured with bobby pins for voluminous curls without heat.

Use Spiral Curlers

use spiral curlers

Spiral curlers wrap your hair vertically, creating bouncy ringlets that last.

Try a Curling Wand

try a curling wand

A curling wand creates versatile spirals with ease, offering quick results for a bouncy, voluminous look.