15 Anime Curly Hair Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover a range of anime curly hair designs to inspire your next creative hairstyle project.

Spiral Curls With Ombre Rainbow Tips

spiral curls with ombre rainbow tips

Spiral curls cascade like a waterfall, ending in a vibrant splash of rainbow hues that breathe life into any character portrayal.

Tight Corkscrew Curls With Star-shaped Hair Clips

tight corkscrew curls with star shaped hair clips

Star-shaped clips add a touch of whimsy to tightly coiled curls, creating a playful, celestial-inspired aesthetic.

Bouncy Ringlets With Alternating Pastel Streaks

bouncy ringlets with alternating pastel streaks

This style infuses playful energy into your look with soft curls that dance among a canvas of gentle, whimsical colors.

Voluminous Afro With Hidden Shimmery Threads

voluminous afro with hidden shimmery threads

A Voluminous afro embellished with subtly woven shimmery threads creates a playful sparkle that peeks out with every movement.

Messy Curly Bob With Neon Highlights

messy curly bob with neon highlights

Introduce flair to your look with a tousled curl bob cut accented by striking neon highlights that catch the eye.

Long, Loose Waves With Crystal Beads

long loose waves with crystal beads

Adorning long, flowing curls with crystal beads adds a touch of elegance, catching the light and accentuating the hair’s movement.

Side-swept Natural Curls With a Floral Headband

side swept natural curls with a floral headband

Adorning your side-swept curls with a floral headband adds a touch of whimsy, perfect for a spring-inspired anime look.

Short, Springy Curls With a Single Vibrant Hair Streak

short springy curls with a single vibrant hair streak

Sporting a pop of color, the vivid streak stands out against the playful, compact curls, adding a dash of excitement to your look.

Thick, Wild Curls With a Vibrant Bandana

thick wild curls with a vibrant bandana

Thick, untamed curls paired with a colorful bandana create an eye-catching contrast that celebrates both volume and vivacious style.

Partially Braided Tight Curls With Metallic Threads

partially braided tight curls with metallic threads

Incorporating metallic threads into a partially braided mane elevates the style with a shimmering, edgy twist.

Soft, Fluffy Curls With a Kawaii Bow Accessory

soft fluffy curls with a kawaii bow accessory

This style exudes a playful charm that elevates any casual look with a touch of anime-inspired whimsy.

Asymmetrical Curly Pixie Cut With Glow-in-the-dark Dye

asymmetrical curly pixie cut with glow in the dark dye

An edgy twist on the classic pixie, this style combines sharp cuts with the whimsy of glow-in-the-dark hues for a statement that turns heads in both light and dark environments.

Long Spiral Locks With Feather Extensions

long spiral locks with feather extensions

Long cascading spirals, adorned with delicate feather extensions, float with an ethereal grace.

Shoulder-length Perm With Manga-inspired Hair Pins

shoulder length perm with manga inspired hair pins

Accentuate a shoulder-grazing perm with whimsical pins for a playful nod to anime aesthetics.

Ethereal Curls With Subtle Glitter Dusting

ethereal curls with subtle glitter dusting

These curls cascade like a waterfall of gossamer threads, each coil catching the light with a whispered kiss of sparkle.