15 Ideas for Skin Fade Curly Hair

Discover how to rock a skin fade with curly hair, featuring styles that make heads turn.

Classic High Fade With Defined Curls

classic high fade with defined curls

Achieve a polished appearance by blending tightly faded sides with well-defined curly hair, elevating your style effortlessly.

Low Skin Fade With Soft Ringlets

low skin fade with soft ringlets

Imagine effortlessly blending a low skin fade with soft ringlets to create a stylish and modern look that suits all occasions.

Taper Fade With Curly Mohawk

taper fade with curly mohawk

The Taper Fade with Curly Mohawk is a bold and stylish hairstyle that combines the uniqueness of a mohawk with the sleekness of a taper fade, creating a modern and edgy look that is perfect for those with curly hair.

Burst Fade With Tight Curls

burst fade with tight curls

The Burst Fade with Tight Curls adds a dramatic flair to curly hair styles. It features a seamless blend from the skin to longer curls at the top. This style highlights the contrast between the neatly faded sides and the textured curls on top. It creates a bold and modern look for those seeking a unique hairstyle.

Mid-Fade With Curly Top

mid fade with curly top

The Mid-Fade with Curly Top is a stylish haircut that features a gradual transition from shorter sides to a slightly longer curly top, offering a balanced and versatile look for those with curly hair.

Bald Fade With Curly Fringe

bald fade with curly fringe

The Bald Fade with Curly Fringe is a modern hairstyle that combines the clean look of a bald fade with the striking texture of curly hair, creating a unique and edgy appearance.

Temple Fade With Tousled Curls

temple fade with tousled curls

The Temple Fade with Tousled Curls combines a fade on the sides with tousled curls on top for a stylish and modern look. This hairstyle creates a nice contrast between the clean, tapered sides and the textured, messy curls, adding depth and dimension to your hair. Perfect for those who want a blend of sophistication and edginess in their curly hair style.

Drop Fade With Voluminous Curls

drop fade with voluminous curls

The Drop Fade with Voluminous Curls combines a bold fade with thick, voluminous curls at the top, creating a striking contrast that draws attention to the textured curly hair.

Skin Fade With Curly Undercut

skin fade with curly undercut

The Skin Fade with Curly Undercut blends a bold undercut style with a seamless skin fade for a modern and edgy look that emphasizes curly hair texture. Ideal for those seeking a balance between a clean, sleek appearance and a touch of rebellious flair in their hairstyle choice.

Razor Fade With Curly Pompadour

razor fade with curly pompadour

The Razor Fade with Curly Pompadour adds a modern twist to a classic hairstyle, blending sharp fades with voluminous curls for a stylish look.

High Skin Fade With Loose Curls

high skin fade with loose curls

High skin fade with loose curls is a trendy hairstyle that combines a smooth transition from shaved sides to a curly top, creating a bold and modern look. The high fade accentuates the natural volume and texture of the curls, adding a stylish contrast and edgy vibe to your overall appearance. This hairstyle works well with various curl patterns, giving you versatility in styling options and a fresh, on-trend aesthetic. Perfect for those who want a striking and fashion-forward haircut that embraces their natural curls with a touch of sophistication.

Faded Sides With Spiky Curls

faded sides with spiky curls

Faded Sides with Spiky Curls creates a dynamic contrast between the sleek skin fade and the textured spiky curls on top, adding a modern edge to your curly hairstyle.

Skin Fade With Curly Mullet

skin fade with curly mullet

The Skin Fade with Curly Mullet combines the edginess of a fade with the playfulness of curly hair, creating a unique and stylish look that is both daring and trendy.

Shadow Fade With Curly Quiff

shadow fade with curly quiff

The on-trend Shadow Fade with Curly Quiff creates a dynamic contrast, accentuating the natural volume of curly hair. This style offers a modern twist on a classic look, blending seamlessly with various hair textures and face shapes.

Skin Fade With Afro Curls

skin fade with afro curls

Achieve a modern and edgy look by combining a skin fade with bold and voluminous Afro curls. This style adds texture and height to your hair, making a statement while keeping a clean and sharp appearance.