15 Stylish Fade with Curls on Top Ideas for Your Next Haircut

Discover how to combine a sharp fade with playful curls on top to create a hairstyle that turns heads and expresses personality.

Textured Top With Skin Fade

textured top with skin fade

A skin fade blends into the skin at the back and sides while the top showcases layered curls, adding dimension and movement to the style.

High Fade With Curly Pompadour

high fade with curly pompadour

Elevate your curls with a sharp contrast, seamlessly merging a high skin fade into a voluminous, curly pompadour for a modern twist on a classic style.

Low Taper Fade With Defined Curls

low taper fade with defined curls

The low taper fade blends hair subtly down the sides, creating a sleek transition that accentuates well-defined curls on top.

Mid Fade With Twist Out Curls

mid fade with twist out curls

This style marries the sleekness of a mid-level fade with the bold texture of twist out curls crowning the head, offering a contrast that’s bound to turn heads.

Curly Mohawk With Bald Fade

curly mohawk with bald fade

Bold and edgy, the Curly Mohawk with Bald Fade merges shaven sides with a central strip of untamed curls, offering a striking contrast and spotlighting texture.

Drop Fade With Kinky Top

drop fade with kinky top

The drop fade provides a sleek transition that accentuates the volume and texture of a kinky-haired crown.

Burst Fade With Sponge Curls

burst fade with sponge curls

The burst fade blends seamlessly around the ears, creating a semi-circular arc that accentuates tightly coiled curls at the crown, achieved using a sponge for texture.

Shadow Fade With Natural Curls

shadow fade with natural curls

The shadow fade provides a subtle transition from slightly longer sides to the fuller, expressive ringlets at the crown, achieving a look that’s both understated and sophisticated.

Taper Fade With Bleached Curl Tips

taper fade with bleached curl tips

Highlight your curls with a taper fade that seamlessly blends into the sides, accentuated by bleached tips for a striking contrast.

Temp Fade With Side-Swept Curls

temp fade with side swept curls

This style combines a precise taper fade at the temples with longer curls brushed to one side for a sleek, asymmetrical look.

Undercut Fade With Voluminous Curls

undercut fade with voluminous curls

An undercut fade carves out a sharp contrast, spotlighting the abundance of volumized curls on top.

Scissor Fade With Ringlet Top

scissor fade with ringlet top

Achieving a balance between sharp edges and playful curves, the Scissor Fade with Ringlet Top pairs a precise, gradual shortening of the sides with a crown of well-defined ringlets, showcasing voluminous curls with a structured perimeter.

High Top Fade With Loose Curls

high top fade with loose curls

The high top fade accentuates volume and texture, showcasing a crown of loose curls set against a sharp, sleek gradient on the sides.

Afro Fade With Parted Curl Design

afro fade with parted curl design

Embrace cultural roots with this style that combines a sleek fade and expressive top curls parted to add structure and flair.

Faux Hawk Fade With Tight Curls

faux hawk fade with tight curls

This style blends the edginess of a faux hawk with the texture of tight curls, accentuated by a fade that sharpens its overall silhouette.