15 Ways to Get Curly Hair for Men: Easy Techniques & Tips

Learn how to achieve curly hair as a man with practical styling tips and methods that cater to different hair types and textures.

Use a Curl-defining Shampoo and Conditioner Designed for Men’s Hair

use a curl defining shampoo and conditioner designed for mens hair

Curl-defining products cleanse while crafting and supporting natural curls without weighing down the hair.

Try Heat Curling With a Small-barrel Curling Iron, Protecting Hair With a Heat Protectant

try heat curling with a small barrel curling iron protecting hair with a heat protectant

Apply a heat protectant spray before using a small-barrel curling iron to form precise curls without damaging your hair.

Experiment With Flexi-rods or Hair Rollers On Damp Hair and Leave Overnight

experiment with flexi rods or hair rollers on damp hair and leave overnight

Flexi-rods or rollers set in damp hair overnight can shape your strands into bouncy curls by morning.

Apply a Curl-enhancing Cream or Mousse to Damp Hair, Then Scrunch and Air-dry

apply a curl enhancing cream or mousse to damp hair then scrunch and air dry

Curl-enhancing products grip each strand to boost natural waves, allowing you to sculpt and set your curls with a simple scrunch-and-go technique.

Get a Perm At a Professional Salon for Longer-lasting Curls

get a perm at a professional salon for longer lasting curls

A salon perm offers a durable solution for men desiring curls without daily styling.

Finger Coil Individual Sections of Damp Hair, Then Air-dry or Use a Diffuser

finger coil individual sections of damp hair then air dry or use a diffuser

Finger coiling shapes each lock with precision, resulting in well-defined spirals that stand out when dry.

Braid Damp Hair Into Tight Plaits, Leave to Set, Then Unravel for a Wavy Effect

braid damp hair into tight plaits leave to set then unravel for a wavy effect

Tight braids can transform into soft waves, offering a rugged twist to your hair texture after they’re taken out.

Use a Sea Salt Spray On Damp Hair to Encourage Natural Wave and Texture

use a sea salt spray on damp hair to encourage natural wave and texture

For an instant beachy look, a quick spritz of sea salt spray on damp locks will bring out your hair’s natural waves and add appealing texture.

Embrace the Natural Curl With a Layered Haircut That Enhances the Curl Pattern

embrace the natural curl with a layered haircut that enhances the curl pattern

Opt for a layered cut to add dimension and draw out your curls’ natural flow.

Sleep With a Cotton T-shirt or Microfiber Towel Wrapped Around Your Head to Maintain Curls

sleep with a cotton t shirt or microfiber towel wrapped around your head to maintain curls

Preserve your curls overnight by wrapping your hair in a soft cotton T-shirt or microfiber cloth, reducing frizz and maintaining definition.

Regularly Deep-condition Hair to Keep Curls Nourished and Frizz At Bay

regularly deep condition hair to keep curls nourished and frizz at bay

Deep-conditioning treatments infuse moisture, promoting resilient, frizz-resistant curls.

Use a Sponge Brush in Circular Motions On Short Hair to Create Coils

use a sponge brush in circular motions on short hair to create coils

Achieve tight coils on short hair by using a sponge brush with a circular wrist motion.

Twist Sections of Damp Hair and Secure With Bobby Pins Until Dry for Defined Curls

twist sections of damp hair and secure with bobby pins until dry for defined curls

Twisting and pinning damp hair sets the stage for striking, well-defined curls as it dries.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel to Damp Hair As a Natural Curl Enhancer

apply aloe vera gel to damp hair as a natural curl enhancer

Aloe vera gel can define and boost curls while adding moisture to your hair without the heaviness of traditional styling products.

Use a Wide-tooth Comb to Detangle Only When Hair Is Wet to Avoid Breaking Up Curls

use a wide tooth comb to detangle only when hair is wet to avoid breaking up curls

A wide-tooth comb gently separates strands without disrupting the integrity of your curls when used on damp hair.