15 Creative Ideas for Styling and Maintaining Your CurlyMe Hair

Discover fresh and exciting styles to transform your curly mane.

Soft Layered Bob

soft layered bob

A soft layered bob adds volume and movement to curls, framing the face with a playful, yet sophisticated style.

Spiral Curl Ponytail

spiral curl ponytail

A spiral curl ponytail adds volume and bounce, elevating a classic hairstyle with a playful twist.

Afro Puff Updo

afro puff updo

Elevate your style with a chic Afro Puff Updo, a perfect blend of elegance and playfulness that showcases volume and texture.

Side-Swept Natural Curls

side swept natural curls

Embrace your curls’ spontaneity with a chic side-swept style, offering a flirtatious asymmetry that accentuates facial features.

Curly Pixie Cut

curly pixie cut

Embrace edginess with a curly pixie cut that offers a playful twist on a classic, daring style.

Half-Up Bun With Cascading Curls

half up bun with cascading curls

Elevate your curls by gathering the top section of your hair into a playful bun, letting your ringlets flow freely for a touch of elegance.

Braided Crown With Loose Ringlets

braided crown with loose ringlets

This hairstyle fuses elegance with playfulness by wrapping braids around the head like a halo while allowing curls to flow freely, adding a touch of whimsy.

Curly Shag With Bangs

curly shag with bangs

Embrace a retro vibe with a modern twist; the curly shag with bangs adds playful volume and frames the face beautifully.

Voluminous Curls With Deep Side Part

voluminous curls with deep side part

Achieve a glamorous and dynamic look by adding fullness to your tresses and accentuating your features with a pronounced side part.

Tousled Curly Lob (Long Bob)

tousled curly lob long bob

A lob’s effortless waves offer a relaxed vibe, perfect for a fresh, easygoing look.

Waterfall Braid With Curls

waterfall braid with curls

A waterfall braid offers a whimsical twist paired with soft curls for a romantic and sophisticated hairstyle.

Wet Look Defined Curls

Achieve a sleek, sea-siren vibe with curls that gleam as if fresh from ocean mist, offering a chic twist on traditional curly styles.

Curly Undercut

curly undercut

The Curly Undercut combines tight or faded sides with voluminous curls on top, offering a striking contrast and emphasizing texture.

Two-Strand Twist Out

two strand twist out

The two-strand twist out creates defined curls with added volume, offering a chic and manageable style for curly hair textures.

High Ponytail With Curl Accents

high ponytail with curl accents

A high ponytail adorned with curl accents marries the elegance of a classic updo with the playful twist of bouncy tendrils.