15 Stylish Braids with Curls Ideas for Your Next Hairstyle

Discover creative ways to combine braids with curls for a stunning hairstyle that radiates charm and sophistication.

Waterfall Braid With Soft, Loose Ringlet Curls

waterfall braid with soft loose ringlet curls

This style seamlessly blends the elegance of a waterfall braid with the romance of cascading curls, perfect for a fairy-tale look.

French Braid Crown With Cascading Spiral Curls

french braid crown with cascading spiral curls

This style marries the elegance of a French braid wrapped around the head with the playful charm of spiraling curls that fall freely over the shoulders.

Dutch Braid Into a Curly Bun

dutch braid into a curly bun

The intertwined elegance of a Dutch braid seamlessly transitions into a playful, curly bun, perfect for adding a whimsical touch to any look.

Two Dutch Braids Joined Into a Curly Ponytail

two dutch braids joined into a curly ponytail

Merging elegance and playfulness, this style combines two tight Dutch braids that converge into a high, spirited ponytail, finished with bouncy curls for an added touch of femininity.

Box Braid Half-up, Half-down With Curly Ends

box braid half up half down with curly ends

This style combines the neatness of box braids with playful curls, creating a versatile look perfect for any occasion.

Side Fishtail With Beachy Waves

side fishtail with beachy waves

A side fishtail offers an effortlessly chic twist, accentuated by tousled beachy waves adding volume and texture.

Halo Braid With Tendrils of Tight Curls

halo braid with tendrils of tight curls

Envision a celestial aura with this hairstyle; the braid wraps around your head like a crown, while delicate coils gracefully escape, softening the look.

Milkmaid Braid With a Curtain of Gentle Waves

milkmaid braid with a curtain of gentle waves

Envision a classic milkmaid braid that encircles your head, paired with flowing waves that frame your face with a soft, romantic touch.

Pull-through Braid With Voluminous Curls

pull through braid with voluminous curls

The pull-through braid offers a striking contrast, combining the precision of a woven style with the carefree bounce of full-bodied curls.

Cornrows With End Curls

cornrows with end curls

Cornrows blend seamlessly into playful curls, striking a balance between polished braids and carefree tresses.

Heart-shaped Braid With S-curl Waves

heart shaped braid with s curl waves

This romantic style frames the face with a heart-shaped braid, complemented by elegant S-curl waves that add a touch of whimsy.

Lace Braid Headband With Curly Updo

lace braid headband with curly updo

A lace braid headband transforms into an elegant updo, with the loose curls at the back adding a touch of whimsy to the sophisticated style.

Zigzag Part With Micro Braids and Free Curls

zigzag part with micro braids and free curls

This style adds a playful twist to your look by combining the precision of zigzag parts and delicate micro braids with the softness of untamed curls.

Four-strand Braid With Curled Ends

four strand braid with curled ends

This technique intertwines four strands for a complex weave, finished off with playful curls that add a sprightly charm to the ends.

Braided Top Knot With Loose Curls Falling Around the Face

braided top knot with loose curls falling around the face

This style elevates the classic top knot, adding a playful touch with delicate curls framing the face for a soft, romantic look.