15 Curly Haired Cartoon Characters for Inspiration and Fun

Discover a range of imaginative curly-haired cartoon character ideas perfect for animators and creatives seeking inspiration for their next project.

Annie With Red, Spirited Ringlets

annie with red spirited ringlets

Annie’s fiery curls embody her bold and optimistic nature, lighting up the screen with each spirited twirl.

Merida From “Brave” With Wild, Ginger Curls

merida from brave with wild ginger curls

Merida’s untamed curls embody her fierce independence and fiery spirit, making her a standout figure among animated characters with curly hair.

Goldilocks With Bright Blonde, Bouncy Curls

goldilocks with bright blonde bouncy curls

Goldilocks’ buoyant curls capture her inquisitive and cheerful nature, instantly recognizable as she explores the three bears’ home.

Shirley Temple-inspired Character With Iconic Corkscrew Curls

shirley temple inspired character with iconic corkscrew curls

Embodying the essence of classic charm, this animated persona boasts corkscrew locks that bounce with every giggle and twirl, mirroring the timeless appeal of an iconic child star.

Moana With Thick, Wavy Dark Hair

moana with thick wavy dark hair

Moana’s luxuriant, ebony waves epitomize the adventurous spirit and oceanic connection of this Polynesian heroine.

Curly-haired Lion Cub With a Mane Full of Twists

curly haired lion cub with a mane full of twists

This playful cub’s mane, a tangle of perfect spirals, embodies the carefree nature often ascribed to the young and wild at heart.

A Fairy With Delicate, Spiral Tendrils

a fairy with delicate spiral tendrils

Her ethereal curls embody the whimsical nature of her magical existence, framing her face like a wreath of soft, woodland vines.

A Mad Scientist With Frizzy, Untamed Hair

a mad scientist with frizzy untamed hair

His wild hair mirrors the chaotic energy of his experiments, adding a visual cue to his eccentric genius.

A Merman With Seaweed-entwined Curly Locks

a merman with seaweed entwined curly locks

His seaweed-strewn curls cascade with the ebb and flow, embodying the ocean’s unpredictable nature.

A Jazz Singer With a Sleek, 1920s Finger Wave Hairstyle

a jazz singer with a sleek 1920s finger wave hairstyle

Her hair echoes the jazz age, sculpted into smooth S-shaped waves that capture a snapshot of Roaring Twenties glamour.

A Clown With Exaggerated, Springy Curly Hair

a clown with exaggerated springy curly hair

This character’s comedic persona is amplified by his bouncy, oversized curls that bob with every laugh and pratfall.

A Poodle-skirt-wearing Teen From the ’50s With a Permed Hairdo

a poodle skirt wearing teen from the 50s with a permed hairdo

She exudes vintage charm, her curls as classic as her attire, encapsulating the quintessence of ’50s youth culture.

A Ragdoll With Yarn-curled Hair

a ragdoll with yarn curled hair

This whimsical character’s playful yarn spirals add a touch of homemade charm, reflecting the comforting nostalgia of traditional ragdolls.

A Pirate With Wind-tossed, Curly Beard and Hair

a pirate with wind tossed curly beard and hair

The windswept curls of our swashbuckling character add a touch of untamed adventure, emphasizing the chaotic life at sea.

A Knight With a Helmet Barely Containing Their Curly Hair

a knight with a helmet barely containing their curly hair

This valiant character’s rebellious curls escape the confines of a helmet, adding a touch of whimsy to the traditional image of armored gallantry.