15 Stylish Mid Taper Fade Curly Hair Ideas to Elevate Your Look

This article provides you with creative ideas on how to rock a mid taper fade with curly hair.

Classic Mid Taper With Defined Curls

classic mid taper with defined curls

This style harmonizes the gradient effect of a mid taper with the volume of well-defined curls atop the head, offering a contrast that catches the eye.

High-Top Fade With Curly Twist-Outs

high top fade with curly twist outs

Achieve a striking silhouette with this style; your curls take center stage above a sharply faded backdrop.

Textured Curls With Surgical Line

textured curls with surgical line

This style elevates the contrast with carefully etched lines that frame the natural volume and coil of the curls.

Mid Skin Fade With Curly Pompadour

mid skin fade with curly pompadour

This style elevates the volume on top, with tight curls crafted into a statement pompadour and a skin fade that creates a stark, polished contrast.

Afro Taper Fade With Sharp Edge Up

afro taper fade with sharp edge up

This style sharpens the silhouette of a classic Afro by fading the sides and sculpting a precise hairline.

Curly Hair With Hard Part and Beard Fade

curly hair with hard part and beard fade

Accentuate your curls with a sharp, defined parting line that extends the visual distinction between the textured top and the progressively shorter sides, complemented by a seamlessly blended beard fade for a polished finish.

Wavy Slick Back With Mid Taper

wavy slick back with mid taper

Combining the timeless appeal of a slick back with the modern twist of a mid taper offers a versatile style, perfect for those with naturally wavy hair seeking a sleek yet dynamic look.

Mohawk Curl With Burst Fade

mohawk curl with burst fade

The Mohawk Curl with Burst Fade combines the edginess of a shaved burst fade at the sides with the wild volume of curly hair on top for a statement look.

Mid Drop Fade With Curls and Design

mid drop fade with curls and design

This style incorporates a gradual fade beneath curls, accented with a personalized hair design for an extra pop of character.

Asymmetrical Curly Fro With Taper

asymmetrical curly fro with taper

This style combines an uneven curly afro with a gradual decrease in length on the sides to add a contemporary twist to classic taper fades.

Curly Quiff With Mid Fade

curly quiff with mid fade

The curly quiff with mid fade blends volume on top with streamlined sides for a striking contrast that’s as stylish as it is manageable.

Mid Taper With Curly Fringe

mid taper with curly fringe

The style combines the gradient of a taper at the mid-point of the sides with a playful, curly bang that brings focus to the face.

Sponge Twist Curls With Razor Fade

sponge twist curls with razor fade

The sponge twist technique gives natural curls a defined, coiled look, coupled with a sharp razor fade that accentuates the hair’s texture and volume.

Faded Undercut With Curly Top

faded undercut with curly top

This style flaunts a sleek contrast with sharp lines transitioning to lush curls, embodying a polished yet free-spirited look.

Mid Bald Fade With Voluminous Curls

mid bald fade with voluminous curls

This style blends a skin-level taper at the sides into lush, thick curls on top, striking a balance between sharp precision and volumetric flair.