15 Beginner Easy Updos for Curly Hair: Perfect Styles and Ideas

Discover simple updo hairstyles that are perfect for managing curly hair and adding a touch of elegance to your look.

Pineapple Updo

pineapple updo

The Pineapple updo elevates curly strands into a high, cascading ponytail, keeping curls defined and away from the face, ideal for a quick and chic look.

Low Ponytail Twist

low ponytail twist

Taming curls into a low ponytail twist offers a polished look with a twist of flair, perfect for both casual and formal settings.

Half-up Top Knot

half up top knot

This style elevates the classic half-up do by twisting the upper section of curls into a playful knot, achieving effortless sophistication.

Curly Space Buns

curly space buns

Curly space buns add a playful twist to your hairdo, offering a perfect blend of whimsy and practicality for keeping those curls up and out of the face.

Side Bun With Bobby Pins

side bun with bobby pins

Effortlessly gather your curls to one side and secure with bobby pins to create a chic, asymmetrical updo suitable for any occasion.

French Twist for Curls

french twist for curls

A French twist elegantly manages unruly curls by sweeping them into a twisted updo that exudes sophistication.

Pinned-back Tendrils

pinned back tendrils

This style involves securing small, face-framing curls with pins for a romantic and effortless look.

Easy Curly Chignon

easy curly chignon

A chignon is an elegant knot or twist at the nape of the neck, perfect for giving your curls a sophisticated flair with minimal effort.

Scarf-wrapped Bun

scarf wrapped bun

A scarf-wrapped bun infuses a playful twist, adding both flair and function by taming curls with a chic, colorful accessory.

Crown Braid for Curls

crown braid for curls

This style elevates your curls by weaving them into a regal halo that frames your face and keeps hair off your neck.

Messy Side Braid

messy side braid

A messy side braid offers an effortless chic look, perfect for managing curls and adding a bohemian touch.

Simple Gibson Tuck

simple gibson tuck

This classic twist, suitable for medium-length curls, oozes elegance and can transition from a casual day out to a sophisticated evening event with ease.

Curly Hair Bow

curly hair bow

The curly hair bow is a playful twist on a classic, transforming your natural ringlets into the shape of a bow for a whimsical touch to any outfit.

High Puff With Headband

high puff with headband

The high puff channels volume at the crown, controlled with a stylish headband for a swift, chic look.

Loose Low Pony With Scrunchie

loose low pony with scrunchie

Secure your curls at the nape with a soft scrunchie for a playful yet sophisticated look.