15 Charming Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair Ideas

Discover a range of wedding hairstyle ideas perfect for flaunting your curly locks on your special day.

Romantic Updo With Soft Curls

romantic updo with soft curls

This style combines elegantly pinned curls to frame the face, exuding grace and sophistication for the perfect fairy-tale bridal look.

Half-Up, Half-Down With Flower Crown

half up half down with flower crown

Adorn a cascade of natural curls pulled gently from the face with a crown of fresh flowers for a touch of whimsy.

Side Swept Cascade of Curls

side swept cascade of curls

This style exudes elegance by artfully draping curls to one side, creating a glamorous look that emphasizes the hair’s natural volume and texture.

Bohemian Braided Crown With Loose Curls

bohemian braided crown with loose curls

This style intertwines braids with cascading curls for a whimsical, free-spirited bridal look.

Classic Chignon With Curly Tendrils

classic chignon with curly tendrils

A simple, elegant bun allows curls to softly frame the face, providing a timeless bridal look ideal for a range of wedding themes.

Voluminous Curly Ponytail With Pearls

voluminous curly ponytail with pearls

Adorn your cascading curls with a strand of pearls for a chic twist on the classic ponytail.

Natural Curls With Delicate Hairpins

natural curls with delicate hairpins

Adorn your curls with dainty hairpins to add a whisper of elegance.

Waterfall Braid With Spiraled Locks

waterfall braid with spiraled locks

This style weaves curls through a cascade-like braid, creating an ethereal effect perfect for nuptials.

Low Bun With Curly Bangs and Hairpiece

low bun with curly bangs and hairpiece

The low bun allows curly bangs to frame the face while an ornamental hairpiece adds elegance to the nape.

Tousled Bob With Floral Embellishments

tousled bob with floral embellishments

For an effortlessly chic vibe, pair a messy bob with strategically placed floral accents to elevate the style for your special day.

Twisted Halo Braid With Curls

twisted halo braid with curls

A whimsical braid encircles the head, interspersed with soft curls for a dreamy, ethereal aesthetic.

High Curly Bun With Sparkling Tiara

high curly bun with sparkling tiara

Elevating elegance, this style crowns your curls with a glittering tiara, perfect for a fairy-tale wedding finish.

Sleek Curls Pinned to One Side

sleek curls pinned to one side

This style gathers your curls elegantly at one shoulder, showcasing a polished yet effortlessly romantic vibe.

Loose Curly Layers With Vintage Headband

loose curly layers with vintage headband

Channel nostalgia with a softly layered cut that frames the face, accentuated by a chic, vintage-inspired headband for timeless elegance.

French Twist With Curl Accents

french twist with curl accents

This style elegantly combines the grace of a classic French twist with playful curls that frame the face and add a touch of whimsy.