15 Elegant Curly Hair Updos: Styling Ideas for Any Occasion

Discover inventive curly hair updo styles that add a twist to your look for any occasion.

Messy Bun With Face-Framing Tendrils

messy bun with face framing tendrils

This relaxed updo softly embraces your natural curls while delicate tendrils caress the face, offering a touch of romantic whimsy.

Pineapple Updo

pineapple updo

The Pineapple Updo elevates voluminous curls away from the face, creating an effortlessly chic look ideal for showcasing natural texture while keeping hair off the neck.

Curly Top Knot

curly top knot

This updo elevates your curls, gathering them at the crown for an effortlessly stylish look that keeps hair off the neck and exudes chic simplicity.

Side Braid With Low Bun

side braid with low bun

This look combines a charming side braid seamlessly flowing into a sophisticated low bun, perfect for adding a twist of elegance to curls.

Crown Braid Chignon

crown braid chignon

This regal updo features a halo braid that wraps around the head, culminating in a refined low bun at the nape, ideal for formal events or when you’re feeling particularly elegant.

French Roll for Curly Hair

french roll for curly hair

A French roll elevates the sophistication of curls, taming them into a sleek twist while allowing some coils to playfully escape for a soft, romantic effect.

Twisted Halo Updo

twisted halo updo

This updo elevates your curls into a crown-like twist around the head, giving off an angelic vibe perfect for formal events.

Curly Ponytail With Puff

curly ponytail with puff

Elevate a classic ponytail by adding volume at the crown, creating a playful yet sophisticated look for textured tresses.

Dutch Braid Crown

dutch braid crown

The Dutch Braid Crown encircles the head with an elegant plait, giving off a regal vibe that’s perfect for showcasing the dimension of curly textures.

Curly Fauxhawk Updo

curly fauxhawk updo

For a bold look that plays up your curls, the fauxhawk updo achieves edgy style while showcasing your hair’s natural texture.

Braided Curly Space Buns

braided curly space buns

Braided curly space buns combine playful braids with whimsical twin buns, adding a fun twist to the classic updo perfect for textured hair.

Sleek High Ponytail With Curl Cascade

sleek high ponytail with curl cascade

Elevate your look with a polished ponytail that bursts into a playful waterfall of curls, adding height and volume.

Elegant Low Side Bun With Curls

elegant low side bun with curls

This style elevates your curls into a sophisticated low bun, swept to the side for a touch of classic glamour.

Curly Updo With Headband Braid

curly updo with headband braid

Incorporating a headband braid transforms an everyday curly updo into an elegant, bohemian-inspired style.

Twisted Low Ponytail With Rosette Side

twisted low ponytail with rosette side

Adding a romantic twist to casual styles, the twisted low ponytail blooms with a side rosette accent, giving your curls an air of elegance.