15 Bad Bunny Curly Hair Ideas for a Trendy Look

Discover fresh hairstyles for curly tresses inspired by Bad Bunny, blending street flair with bold creativity.

Half-up Buns With Free-flowing Curls

This playful hairstyle balances the face with curls cascading from a set of charming buns perched atop the head, delivering a youthful, spirited vibe.

Curly Taper Fade Haircut

curly taper fade haircut

The curly taper fade combines tight side fades with a curly crown, providing a sharp contrast that accentuates the curls’ volume and texture.

Side-parted Voluminous Curls

side parted voluminous curls

This style creates a bold statement by sweeping curls to one side, resulting in a luscious, full-bodied look that exudes confidence.

Dyed Tips On Tight Curls

dyed tips on tight curls

Adding a splash of color to the ends of tight curls creates a bold statement that showcases personality and adds dimension to the hair.

Curly Mohawk With Shaved Sides

curly mohawk with shaved sides

This style blends the edge of a mohawk with the playfulness of curls, offering a striking contrast between the voluminous top and the sleek, shaved sides.

Curly Top With Undercut Design

curly top with undercut design

This style marries the edginess of an undercut with the expressive volume of curls on top, crafting a look that’s both sharp and playful.

Textured Afro With Defined Ringlets

textured afro with defined ringlets

Embrace volume and showcase your curl pattern with a textured afro, punctuated by distinct spirals that command attention.

Pineapple Updo for Long Curls

pineapple updo for long curls

This playful style lifts long curls into a high, cascading ponytail, keeping them off the neck while showcasing their volume and texture.

Curly Bangs With a Top Knot

curly bangs with a top knot

This style combines playful face-framing curls with the practicality of a top-knotted updo, striking a balance between elegance and ease.

Messy Curls With Headband

messy curls with headband

Adding a headband to tousled curls creates a carefree yet stylish look that tames the mane while exuding a playful vibe.

Finger Coils On Short Curly Hair

finger coils on short curly hair

Perfect for taming short curls, finger coils add definition and shape, giving your hair a neat, spiral elegance.

Long Curls With Middle Part

long curls with middle part

A central part allows long curls to cascade symmetrically, framing the face and emphasizing the hair’s natural volume.

Curly Hair With Subtle Highlights

curly hair with subtle highlights

Adding soft highlights accentuates the spirals of curls, providing a sun-kissed effect that amplifies the texture and volume.

Wet Look Defined Curl Style

The wet look style gives curls a sleek, glossy appearance, suggesting freshly shampooed hair, without the crunch or stiffness.

Curly Fringe With a High Fade

curly fringe with a high fade

A curly fringe coupled with a high fade creates a bold contrast, spotlighting the playful texture at the top while maintaining crisp edges around the back and sides.