15 Curly Hair Fade Styles to Refresh Your Look

Discover stylish fade haircut ideas that will elevate your curly hair’s natural texture and volume.

Taper Fade With Defined Curls

taper fade with defined curls

The Taper Fade with Defined Curls combines gradual shortening of the hair with artfully sculpted curls atop, offering a polished yet edgy look.

High Fade With Tight Ringlets

high fade with tight ringlets

This style elevates the contrast between shaved sides and the voluminous, springy ringlets perched on top, creating a striking balance of neat edges and textured hair.

Mid Fade With Loose Curly Top

mid fade with loose curly top

Balancing edginess and volume, this style features a gradient shave at the sides that accentuates the flowing curls on top.

Low Skin Fade With Curly Pompadour

low skin fade with curly pompadour

The low skin fade merges cleanly into voluminous curls styled into a pomp, offering a sharp contrast and modern flair to the classic pompadour look.

Temple Fade With Thick Curls

temple fade with thick curls

The temple fade accentuates thick curls atop, giving a sharp contrast to the short, neat sides for a bold, yet balanced look.

Drop Fade With Side-Swept Curls

drop fade with side swept curls

The drop fade offers a sleek outline by arching around the ears and descending towards the nape, setting the stage for voluminous, side-swept curls that deliver a dynamic, flowy appearance.

Bald Fade With Curly Mohawk

bald fade with curly mohawk

This audacious style merges a clean shave around the sides with a strip of vibrant curls on top, giving a striking contrast and an edgy look.

Scissor Fade With Natural Curls

scissor fade with natural curls

The scissor fade offers a textured transition that complements the authentic pattern of your natural curls.

Burst Fade With Afro Curls

burst fade with afro curls

The burst fade blends a semicircular fade around the ear to spotlight the volume and texture of Afro curls on top.

Undercut Fade With Curly Fringe

undercut fade with curly fringe

The undercut fade with curly fringe combines clipped sides that blend into striking voluminous curls on top, framing the face with texture.

Razor Fade With Slicked Back Curls

razor fade with slicked back curls

This style combines the sharp definition of a razor fade with the volume and movement of slicked-back curls, offering an edgy yet polished aesthetic.

Shadow Fade With Curly Quiff

shadow fade with curly quiff

The shadow fade melds subtly into a voluminous curly quiff, offering a sleek gradient that showcases the texture.

Faux Hawk Fade With Curls

faux hawk fade with curls

The style merges the rebellious spirit of a mohawk with the versatility of curls, tapering at the sides to accentuate the striking contrast.

Curly Fade With Hard Part

curly fade with hard part

A Curly Fade with Hard Part combines the edginess of a precise line with the softness of textured curls, offering a striking contrast and a modern twist on classic styles.

Brooklyn Fade With Sculpted Curls

brooklyn fade with sculpted curls

The Brooklyn Fade showcases sculpted curls atop a crisp, urban-inspired cut that blends seamlessly into skin at the nape and temples.