15 Hair for Boho Braids Ideas to Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

Discover a variety of boho braid hairstyles to inspire your next effortlessly chic look.

Flower Entwined Fishtail Braids

flower entwined fishtail braids

Incorporate fresh or silk flowers into a classic fishtail braid for a whimsical, nature-inspired look.

Loose Waterfall Braids With Leaf Accessories

loose waterfall braids with leaf accessories

Perfect for a nature-inspired look, this style drapes your hair in gentle cascades, adorned with delicate leaf accessories that enhance the ethereal feel.

Side-swept Dutch Braid With Feather Charms

side swept dutch braid with feather charms

This style drapes elegantly over one shoulder, embellished with delicate feather charms that add a whimsical, airy touch.

Crown Braid With Intertwined Lace

crown braid with intertwined lace

This style weaves delicate lace through the braid, enhancing its elegance and adding a romantic touch to the classic crown.

Mermaid Braid With Seashell Clips

mermaid braid with seashell clips

Adorning a flowing mermaid braid with delicate seashell clips captures the essence of oceanic beauty, perfect for beach-themed events or summer festivals.

Bohemian Twist With Multi-colored Beads

bohemian twist with multi colored beads

This style adds a playful pop of color and texture, perfect for enhancing the carefree vibe of any bohemian look.

Half-up French Braids With Silk Ribbons

half up french braids with silk ribbons

This style combines the elegance of French braids and the whimsical touch of flowing silk ribbons, perfect for adding a soft, romantic flair to any bohemian look.

Macramé Braid With Wooden Beads

macrame braid with wooden beads

This style incorporates rustic wooden beads into a macramé braid, creating a charming, earthy look perfect for outdoor events or festivals.

Triple Threat Braids With Gold Cuffs

triple threat braids with gold cuffs

Adorn your hair with three bold braids, each clasped with elegant gold cuffs for a striking, refined look.

Zig-zag Part With Tiny Braids and Moonstone Pins

zig zag part with tiny braids and moonstone pins

This style adds an enchanting touch with its intricate zig-zag parting adorned by tiny braids, each highlighted with shimmering moonstone pins.

Braided Low Bun With Crystal Vines

braided low bun with crystal vines

This style elegantly combines the simplicity of a low bun with the sparkle of crystal vine embellishments, perfect for adding a touch of glamour to a relaxed look.

Boho Ponytail With a Mix of Tiny Braids

boho ponytail with a mix of tiny braids

This style combines a casual ponytail with small, intricate braids, adding a playful and textured look to a classic hairstyle.

Sectioned Fishtail Braids With Vintage Buttons

sectioned fishtail braids with vintage buttons

These braids combine elegant sectioning with the whimsical touch of vintage buttons, creating a nostalgic yet chic look.

Dual Texture Braids With Fabric Interweaving

dual texture braids with fabric interweaving

Dual texture braids merge different braid styles and incorporate strips of fabric, offering a vibrant and tactile contrast ideal for enhancing the bohemian aesthetic.

Braided Halo With Dangling Suede Strips

braided halo with dangling suede strips

This style adds a rustic charm by incorporating soft suede strips into a classic halo braid, perfect for enhancing a free-spirited look.