15 Creative Ideas on How to Diffuse Curly Hair

Learn effective techniques for diffusing curly hair to achieve voluminous, frizz-free curls.

Plopping – Wrap Damp Curls in a T-shirt to Dry, Enhancing Curl Shape

plopping wrap damp curls in a t shirt to dry enhancing curl shape

Plopping sets the stage for defined, frizz-free curls by using a soft t-shirt to cradle and dry your locks.

Cool Air Diffusing – Use the Cooler Setting On the Diffuser to Minimize Frizz

cool air diffusing use the cooler setting on the diffuser to minimize frizz

Switching to a cool setting while diffusing helps lock in your curls’ shape and fights off unwanted frizz for a sleeker look.

Pineapple Diffusing – Flip Hair Upside Down and Diffuse for Volume At Roots

pineapple diffusing flip hair upside down and diffuse for volume at roots

Pineapple diffusing elevates root volume, giving your curls a gravity-defying boost.

Hover Diffusing – Hold the Diffuser Over Curls Without Touching to Reduce Frizz

hover diffusing hold the diffuser over curls without touching to reduce frizz

Hover diffusing is a technique where the dryer hovers above the hair to evenly circulate air, diminishing the likelihood of frizz formation.

Microfiber Towel Scrunch – Gently Scrunch Curls With a Towel Post-wash Before Diffusing

microfiber towel scrunch gently scrunch curls with a towel post wash before diffusing

Using a microfiber towel, press and scrunch your damp curls to remove excess water, helping to define their shape before you bring in the diffuser.

Finger Coiling – Twirl Sections Around Fingers Before Diffusing for Definition

finger coiling twirl sections around fingers before diffusing for definition

Finger coiling shapes each curl, ensuring more defined and springy locks after diffusing.

Diffuse in Sections – Clip Hair Into Sections and Diffuse Each Individually

diffuse in sections clip hair into sections and diffuse each individually

Tackling curls in manageable chunks ensures even drying and superior definition, making each curl pop.

Root Clips – Place Clips At Roots While Diffusing for Added Lift

root clips place clips at roots while diffusing for added lift

Root clips create elevation at the crown, giving your curls a gravity-defying boost as they dry.

Intermittent Diffusing – Pause Intermittently to Prevent Overheating

intermittent diffusing pause intermittently to prevent overheating

Intermittent diffusing involves taking breaks during the drying process to protect your curls from heat damage, ensuring they stay healthy and vibrant.

Bowl Diffusing – Push Curls Into the Diffuser Bowl and Hold to Enhance Curl Formation

bowl diffusing push curls into the diffuser bowl and hold to enhance curl formation

Bowl diffusing cradles the curls, setting them gently into their natural shape as they dry.

Cold Shot Finishing – End With a Blast of Cold Air to Set the Style

cold shot finishing end with a blast of cold air to set the style

A final cold air blast helps lock in your curls, sealing the cuticle for a shiny, lasting hold.

Silk or Satin Diffuser Sock – Use a Silk or Satin Sock Over the Diffuser to Minimize Damage

silk or satin diffuser sock use a silk or satin sock over the diffuser to minimize damage

A silk or satin diffuser sock acts as a protective barrier, reducing the potential for heat damage while preserving the hair’s natural luster.

Gel Cast Scrunch Out – After Diffusing, Scrunch Out the Gel Cast for Soft Curls

gel cast scrunch out after diffusing scrunch out the gel cast for soft curls

Once your hair is dry, break the crunchy layer formed by the gel with a gentle scrunch to reveal bouncy, touchable curls.

Harmonica Diffusing – Gently Accordion Hair With Your Hands Into the Diffuser for Bounce

harmonica diffusing gently accordion hair with your hands into the diffuser for bounce

Harmonica diffusing produces lively curls by mimicking the instrument’s action to invite springiness into each lock.

Low Speed Setting – Use the Lowest Speed to Maintain Curl Integrity While Drying

low speed setting use the lowest speed to maintain curl integrity while drying

Opting for the lowest speed on your hairdryer preserves the natural pattern of your curls during the drying process.