15 Ideas on How to Get Natural Curls

Learn how to achieve natural curls with simple techniques and products you can use at home.

Finger Coils

finger coils

Finger coils are a method used to create defined curls by wrapping small sections of hair around your finger. This technique can help enhance and define your natural curl pattern without using heat or chemicals. It’s an easy way to achieve bouncy and defined curls that last.

Braid-out Styles

braid out styles

Braid-out styles involve braiding hair to achieve natural-looking curls when undone. They are perfect for those looking for heatless curl options.

Twist-out Techniques

twist out techniques

Twist-out techniques give you defined curls by two-strand twisting damp hair and unraveling the twists when dry. The method creates a lovely spiral curl pattern without heat styling, perfect for a natural look that lasts for days.

Rag Curls

rag curls

Rag curls create bouncy, natural-looking curls using strips of fabric; they are a no-heat styling method suitable for various hair types.

Pin Curls

pin curls

Pin curls are a classic curling method. They involve sectioning hair, twisting it, and securing it with bobby pins. This technique creates bouncy, defined curls.

Straw Set

straw set

To create natural curls using the straw set method, sections of hair are wrapped around drinking straws to achieve defined, spiral curls.

Bantu Knots

bantu knots

Bantu knots: A styling technique where sections of hair are twisted and wrapped around to form small knots, creating defined curls when unraveled.


flexi rods

Flexi-rods are flexible hair styling tools that create smooth spiral curls without heat, suitable for all hair types.



Curlformers are plastic hair styling tools that create uniform, spiral curls without heat or damage. Just wrap your hair around them and see the magic of bouncy curls unfold.

Sponge Rollers

sponge rollers

Sponge rollers are a handy tool for achieving natural curls without heat damage or hassle. Simply roll your hair onto them and wait for beautiful curls to form.

Paper Towel Curls

paper towel curls

Paper towel curls create natural-looking curls without heat styling tools. Simply wrap sections of hair in paper towels to achieve bouncy curls. It’s a simple, heatless technique that can give you gorgeous curls for any occasion. Give it a try for a fun yet effective way to style your hair.

Sock Curls

sock curls

Sock curls are created using socks to curl hair without heat or styling tools, providing a soft, natural look to your curls.



Diffusing is a hair drying method using a diffuser attachment to enhance and set natural curls without causing frizz.

Plopping Method

plopping method

Plopping is a technique to enhance natural curls by drying hair with a t-shirt to maintain curl pattern without causing frizz.

Silk Rollers

silk rollers

Silk rollers are a great tool for achieving natural curls without heat. Just wrap your hair around them and wake up to bouncy curls.