15 Simple Ideas for How to Dry Curly Hair Without Damage

Learn the best techniques for drying curly hair without causing frizz or damage.

Plopping With a Microfiber Towel

plopping with a microfiber towel

Plopping wicks away moisture and promotes curl definition without disrupting your hair’s natural pattern.

Diffusing On Low Heat Setting

diffusing on low heat setting

Diffusing with a low heat minimizes frizz and maintains curl integrity during the drying process.

Air-drying With Leave-in Conditioner

air drying with leave in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner aids in moisture retention during the air-drying process, keeping curls defined and frizz at bay.

Pineappling With a Silk Scarf Overnight

pineappling with a silk scarf overnight

Pineappling is a technique where you loosely gather your curls into a high ponytail on top of your head, preventing tangles and frizz while you sleep, especially when secured with a gentle silk scarf.

Hooded Dryer On Cool Setting

hooded dryer on cool setting

Employing a hooded dryer with cool air offers curls a gentle and uniform drying experience, minimizing frizz and preserving the hair’s natural shape.

Using Paper Towels to Scrunch Out Moisture

using paper towels to scrunch out moisture

Paper towels can absorb excess water without disrupting your curls’ natural shape.

Clip Roots for Volume and Air-dry

clip roots for volume and air dry

Elevate your roots with clips as your curls air-dry to boost volume without compromising their shape.

Sleep On a Satin Pillowcase for Overnight Drying

sleep on a satin pillowcase for overnight drying

Resting on satin minimizes friction and helps curls retain moisture while drying overnight.

Use a Cotton T-shirt to Gently Blot Hair

use a cotton t shirt to gently blot hair

Swapping out a traditional towel for a cotton t-shirt can curb frizz and protect curly strands while sopping up excess water.

Applying Mousse or Foam to Wet Hair and Letting It Set

applying mousse or foam to wet hair and letting it set

Mousse application to dripping curls aids in defining them as they dry, minimizing frizz.

Twisting Hair Into Loose Buns Until Dry

twisting hair into loose buns until dry

Twist damp curls into buns to maintain shape and encourage even drying without using heat.

Blow-dry With a Sock Diffuser Attachment

blow dry with a sock diffuser attachment

The sock diffuser attachment gently disperses air to minimize frizz and maintain curl integrity during blow-drying.

Sitting in Front of a Fan After Applying Curl Cream

sitting in front of a fan after applying curl cream

Positioned in the breeze of a fan, curls take form as the cream sets, offering a gentle method to achieve definition without heat.

Use Duckbill Clips to Lift Hair At Roots and Air-dry

use duckbill clips to lift hair at roots and air dry

Duckbill clips elevate the roots for enhanced volume as hair air-dries.

Gentle Hair Squeezing With a Soft, Absorbent Cloth

gentle hair squeezing with a soft absorbent cloth

Squeeze curls with a plush cloth to remove excess water without disrupting the curl pattern.