15 Braid Hairstyles for Curly Hair: Trendy Ideas to Inspire Your Next Look

Learn how to style your curly hair with creative braid hairstyles that embrace your natural texture and elevate your look.

Waterfall Braid With Curly Ends

waterfall braid with curly ends

This style drapes sections of hair elegantly across the scalp, cascading into lively curls, much like a river’s flow finishes in a bubbly brook.

Crown Braid Updo

crown braid updo

This elegant updo encircles your head with a braid, transforming your curls into a regal, tiara-like crown.

Bohemian Side Braid

bohemian side braid

This style drapes your curls in a relaxed braid along one side, embodying a free-spirited vibe perfect for any casual outing.

French Braid Into Curly Ponytail

french braid into curly ponytail

This style combines the elegance of a French braid with the playful bounce of a curly ponytail, perfect for adding a chic twist to your everyday look.

Half-Up Halo Braid

half up halo braid

The Half-Up Halo Braid encircles your head with elegance, maintaining your curls’ playful bounce.

Dutch Braid Accented Bun

dutch braid accented bun

For a harmonious blend of elegance and playfulness, intertwine a Dutch braid along the scalp, culminating in a bun at the crown to show off the lively texture of curly locks.

Curly Fishtail Braid

curly fishtail braid

Embrace your curls with a whimsical fishtail braid that cascades naturally for a playfully elegant look.

Upside-Down Braid to Curly Bun

upside down braid to curly bun

This style starts with an inverted French braid at the nape and culminates in a voluminous curly bun atop the head, creating an unexpected twist on the classic updo.

Curly Braid-Out Mohawk

curly braid out mohawk

This style fuses the edge of a mohawk with the definition of a braid-out, creating a bold statement for those with curly locks.

Side French Braid for Curly Bob

side french braid for curly bob

This style weaves a braid along one side of your head, showcasing the playful bounce of a curly bob with an added twist of elegance.

Two-Strand Twist Crown

two strand twist crown

Embracing your natural curls, this style frames your face with a regal twist, giving off an air of elegance with minimal effort.

Curly Goddess Braids

curly goddess braids

Embrace regal flair with thick plaits that weave around the head, seamlessly integrating your curls into a majestic updo.

Zigzag Braid With Ringlets

zigzag braid with ringlets

The Zigzag Braid with Ringlets adds a playful twist to traditional braiding, incorporating a dynamic pattern through the scalp while letting curls cascade freely for a touch of whimsy.

Double Dutch Braids Into Curls

double dutch braids into curls

This style combines the sporty flair of double Dutch braids on the scalp, transitioning into flowing curls for a playful yet polished finish.

Curly Hair With Micro Braids Accents

curly hair with micro braids accents

Incorporate thin braids into your curls to add texture and a playful twist to your look.