15 Cute Girls with Curly Hair Styles and Ideas

Discover fresh and charming hairstyles for girls with curly hair that embrace natural texture and inspire confidence.

Pigtails With Ribbon-tied Curls

pigtails with ribbon tied curls

Ribbon-tied pigtails offer a charming twist, turning classic curls into playful, eye-catching accessories.

Half-up, Half-down With Spiral Curls

half up half down with spiral curls

This playful style showcases bouncy spirals flowing freely while the top section is swept up, offering a polished yet whimsical look.

Side-swept Curly Bangs

side swept curly bangs

Side-swept bangs soften the face, adding whimsy and romance to a curly hairstyle.

High Curly Ponytail With Scrunchie

high curly ponytail with scrunchie

A sky-high ponytail secured with a scrunchie gives off a playful vibe while showcasing bouncy curls cascading from atop your head.

Curly Bob With Headband

curly bob with headband

A headband effortlessly tames a curly bob while adding a dash of charm to the playful hairstyle.

Space Buns With Ringlets

space buns with ringlets

This playful hairstyle combines the quirkiness of double buns at the crown with free-flowing ringlets cascading down the sides, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any look.

Afro Puffs Adorned With Colorful Clips

afro puffs adorned with colorful clips

Afro puffs burst with personality when accented with vibrant clips, adding a playful touch to the voluminous style.

Curly Braided Crown

curly braided crown

A curly braided crown encircles the head, merging the charm of braids with the playful spirit of curls for a regal, yet unfussy look.

Loose Waterfall Curls With Floral Pins

loose waterfall curls with floral pins

Delicate flowers woven into cascading curls add a touch of whimsy to any playful or romantic ensemble.

Messy Curly Bun With Wispy Flyaways

messy curly bun with wispy flyaways

Embrace a playful, carefree vibe with an effortlessly chic updo that frames the face with soft tendrils.

Side Fishtail Braid With Curly Ends

side fishtail braid with curly ends

This whimsical twist combines the playful charm of a fishtail braid with the natural bounce of curly tips for a youthful, carefree look.

Curly Pixie Cut With Headscarf

curly pixie cut with headscarf

A curly pixie topped with a headscarf blends playful texture with chic accessorizing for an effortless, fashion-forward look.

Natural Curls With Glittery Hair Gel

natural curls with glittery hair gel

Add a sparkle to your bouncy coils with a touch of glittery gel for an eye-catching shimmer.

French Braid With Curl-defined Ends

french braid with curl defined ends

The French braid adds controlled elegance to the top, while the unleashed curls at the ends playfully emphasize the hair’s natural texture.

Voluminous Layered Curls With Bow Barrette

voluminous layered curls with bow barrette

A bow barrette adds a playful touch to full-bodied curls, accentuating the hairstyle’s movement and depth.