15 Creative Ways to Style Curly Tape in Hair Extensions

Discover fresh ways to style your curls with tape-in hair extensions, perfect for adding volume and verve to your naturally wavy mane.

Spiral Curls Tape-In Extensions

spiral curls tape in extensions

Spiral curls tape-in extensions infuse your mane with vivacious twists for a playful look.

Bouncy Ringlets Tape-In Extensions

bouncy ringlets tape in extensions

Bouncy ringlets tape-in extensions add playful volume and perfectly formed spirals for a lively hairstyle transformation.

Beach Wave Tape-In Extensions

beach wave tape in extensions

Beach wave tape-in extensions offer a relaxed, tousled look reminiscent of effortless seaside tresses.

Tight Afro Curl Tape-In Extensions

tight afro curl tape in extensions

Tight Afro Curl Tape-In Extensions offer voluminous texture and mimic the natural appearance of afro-textured hair, providing an instant, bold transformation.

Kinky Curly Tape-In Extensions

kinky curly tape in extensions

Kinky curly tape-in extensions infuse your hair with volume and textured spirals for a bold, natural look.

Loose Curl Tape-In Extensions

loose curl tape in extensions

Loose curl tape-in extensions offer a subtle wave adding gentle volume and length, perfect for a soft, natural look.

Corkscrew Curly Tape-In Extensions

corkscrew curly tape in extensions

Corkscrew curls add a whimsical twist to your look with their springy and defined spirals.

Water Wave Tape-In Extensions

water wave tape in extensions

Water wave tape-ins offer a soft, cascading pattern that mimics the gentle ripple of a serene pond, providing a harmonious blend of volume and texture.

Deep Wave Tape-In Extensions

deep wave tape in extensions

Deep wave tape-in hair extensions provide a lush and voluminous look, mirroring the undulating patterns of ocean waves.

Bohemian Curl Tape-In Extensions

bohemian curl tape in extensions

Bohemian curl extensions offer a relaxed, effortlessly chic vibe perfect for adding a playful twist to your hairstyle.

Soft Wavy Tape-In Extensions

soft wavy tape in extensions

Soft Wavy Tape-In Extensions add a touch of elegance with gentle waves that cascade for a classic, versatile look.

S-Shaped Curl Tape-In Extensions

s shaped curl tape in extensions

S-Shaped curl extensions add a flowing, zigzag pattern to your locks for a dynamic and sophisticated twist.

Romantic Curl Tape-In Extensions

romantic curl tape in extensions

Romantic curl tape-in extensions infuse soft waves and delicate spirals to create a dreamy, feminine look ideal for special occasions.

Barrel Curl Tape-In Extensions

barrel curl tape in extensions

For a glamorous touch, these extensions infuse hair with voluptuous, large curls akin to classic Hollywood styles.

Voluminous Curl Tape-In Extensions

voluminous curl tape in extensions

Voluminous curls add bounce and body, perfect for a full, glamorous look.