15 Creative Uses for Color Wow Dream Coat in Your Hair Care Routine

Discover how to transform frizzy hair into smooth, waterproof locks with Color Wow Dream Coat.

Anti-Frizz Hair Mist

anti frizz hair mist

This spritz tames flyaways and smooths hair for a sleek, polished look with every use.

Silk Press Spray

silk press spray

This spray imbues hair with a sleek, smooth texture akin to a salon-quality silk press without heavy, greasy residue.

Rainproof Blowout Sealant

rainproof blowout sealant

This hair product acts as an invisible umbrella, maintaining your blowout’s sleekness even during a downpour.

Sleek Ponytail Enhancer

sleek ponytail enhancer

Color Wow Dream Coat casts a smoothing veil over hair, providing the ideal base for a polished and sleek ponytail without any unwelcome frizz.

Curly Hair Definer

curly hair definer

This spray sculpts curls, banishing frizz for a polished, defined look.

Humidity Shield Spritz

humidity shield spritz

This spritz acts as an invisible umbrella for your hair, preventing frizz caused by high humidity.

Thermal Protection Veil

thermal protection veil

Color Wow Dream Coat functions as a thermal barrier, shielding hair from heat damage during styling.

Color Vibrancy Booster

color vibrancy booster

This spray revives hair color, making it pop with radiance between salon visits.

Glossy Locks Finisher

glossy locks finisher

This finishing spray adds a lustrous sheen to hair, creating a polished look that catches the light.

Featherlight Shine Serum

featherlight shine serum

This serum adds a glossy finish without weighing hair down, perfect for a polished look.

Beach Wave Setter

beach wave setter

Harness the power of Color Wow Dream Coat to craft effortless, sea-tossed waves without stepping foot on the sand.

Anti-Static Hair Cloak

anti static hair cloak

This product effortlessly tames flyaways, giving your hair a smooth, static-free appearance with each use.

Softness Locking Spray

softness locking spray

The spray coats each strand to maintain supple, touchable hair after styling.

UV Filter Hair Guard

uv filter hair guard

Color Wow Dream Coat doubles as a protective layer against harmful UV rays, safeguarding your hair’s hue and health.

Split End Smoother

split end smoother

Color Wow Dream Coat acts as a balm to soothe and repair frayed strands, diminishing the appearance of split ends.