15 Trending Wolf Cut Men Styles to Transform Your Look

Discover fresh takes and styling tips for the trendy wolf cut for men, a hairstyle blending shaggy layers with modern edge.

Asymmetrical Wolf: Shaved One Side, Long and Wild On the Other

asymmetrical wolf shaved one side long and wild on the other

The Asymmetrical Wolf channels a rebellious spirit, merging precision with a carefree edge—close-cropped on one side, it flows into a wild, unruly length on the other.

Undercut Wolf: Short Underneath, Voluminous Mane On Top

undercut wolf short underneath voluminous mane on top

This style combines the clean-cut appeal of a short undercut with the dramatic effect of a full, textured top.

Textured Topper: Layered With Varying Lengths for a Messy Look

textured topper layered with varying lengths for a messy look

The Textured Topper offers an edgy aesthetic, leveraging varied lengths to achieve a deliberately disheveled appearance.

Bleached Out Wolf: Platinum Top With Natural-colored Sides

bleached out wolf platinum top with natural colored sides

The contrast of a bright platinum top against untouched, darker sides gives this wolf cut a striking, bold edge.

Wolf With Bangs: Forelock Kept Heavy and Swept Across the Forehead

wolf with bangs forelock kept heavy and swept across the forehead

The heavy forelock, draped elegantly over the forehead, offers a blend of classic fringe with the wild edge of the wolf cut.

Tousled Waves: Gentle Waves With a Matte Finish for a Bedhead Wolf

tousled waves gentle waves with a matte finish for a bedhead wolf

Embrace a carefree look with softly waving strands that give a just-rolled-out-of-bed vibe, finished with a matte product for an effortlessly cool touch.

Disconnected Pomp: Pomp-style Front With a Subtle Wolf Cut Blending

disconnected pomp pomp style front with a subtle wolf cut blending

The style marries the voluminous poise of a pompadour with the edgy layers of a wolf cut, creating a harmonious blend of classic and untamed.

Side-Swept Length: Brushed to One Side, With Shaved or Faded Sides

side swept length brushed to one side with shaved or faded sides

The Side-Swept Length offers a sleek contrast, balancing flowing locks on one side with neatly trimmed sides.

Curly Wolf: Embrace Natural Curls With Tapered Sides

curly wolf embrace natural curls with tapered sides

For those with spirals, the Curly Wolf enhances your natural texture, tapering the sides for a sleek yet expressive shape.

Two-Tone Wolf: Dark On the Bottom With a Lighter Color Grazing the Top Layers

two tone wolf dark on the bottom with a lighter color grazing the top layers

The two-tone approach adds depth by contrasting a dark base against lighter, textured upper strands.

Slick Back Wolf: Keep It Slick and Back for a Classy-yet-wild Vibe

slick back wolf keep it slick and back for a classy yet wild vibe

Smoothly swept-back strands converge with untamed edges, forging a sophisticated yet rebellious look.

High Fade Wolf: Mix a High and Tight Fade With a Textured Wolf Crown

high fade wolf mix a high and tight fade with a textured wolf crown

Elevate your style with the High Fade Wolf, blending sharp dynamics of a high fade with the edgy texture of a thick top.

Buzzed Wolf: Near-buzz On Sides With a Touch Longer Top, Styled Forward

The Buzzed Wolf combines close-cropped sides with slightly elongated strands on top, coaxing the hair forward for a bold, yet understated edge.

Relaxed Hawk Wolf: Mohawk-inspired Peak With Relaxed Wolf Layering

relaxed hawk wolf mohawk inspired peak with relaxed wolf layering

This style softens the edgy Mohawk by incorporating graduated layers for a more subdued, yet still striking, look.

Fiery Wolf: Add Streaks of Red or Orange for a Fierce Color Pop

fiery wolf add streaks of red or orange for a fierce color pop

Injecting warm tones like red or orange accents into your wolf cut can elevate the style’s fierceness, offering a bold contrast that catches the eye.