15 Older Male Actors with Curly Hair: Inspiration and Style Icons

Discover how seasoned male actors can style their curly locks to stay both on-trend and true to their character.

Gene Wilder

gene wilder

Gene Wilder’s unruly, iconic curls became a defining feature of the comedic legend’s memorable look.

Richard Dreyfuss

richard dreyfuss

With his distinctive, springy curls, Richard Dreyfuss has maintained a head of hair as charismatic as his Oscar-winning screen presence.

Dustin Hoffman

dustin hoffman

With his signature curls, Dustin Hoffman has effortlessly defied age on-screen, his hair embodying the seasoned charm of his multifaceted characters.

Howard Hesseman

howard hesseman

Howard Hesseman, known for his role as the charismatic Dr. Johnny Fever on “WKRP in Cincinnati,” sported an unmistakable mass of curly hair that became his signature look during the ’70s and ’80s.

André Leon Talley

andre leon talley

André Leon Talley was known not only for his influence in the fashion industry but also for his signature voluminous, curl-framed visage that added a striking presence to any event he attended.

Geoffrey Rush

geoffrey rush

Geoffrey Rush’s distinctively tousled curls add an air of sophistication to his award-winning performances.

Terry O’Quinn

terry oquinn

With his silvered, wavy locks, Terry O’Quinn exemplifies how charismatic curls add depth to a seasoned actor’s on-screen presence.

Kurt Russell

kurt russell

Kurt Russell’s iconic curls have graced the silver screen, showcasing a rugged charm that defies age.

Danny DeVito

danny devito

Danny DeVito’s signature curls accentuate his comedic flair and on-screen presence, leaving a memorable mark across his diverse roles.

Elliot Gould

elliot gould

Sporting a head of wavy locks, Elliot Gould has made his distinctive hair a trademark of his enduring appeal in cinema.

Eric Roberts

eric roberts

Eric Roberts sports a head of waves that add a touch of rebellion to his distinguished on-screen personas.

Burt Reynolds

burt reynolds

Burt Reynolds sported his signature wavy locks with a rakish charm that became emblematic of his rugged on-screen persona.

Richard Simmons

richard simmons

Richard Simmons’ buoyant curls are as iconic as his exercise routines, embodying his energetic persona.

Adam West

adam west

Adam West, remembered as television’s Batman, sported a thick, wavy mane that became synonymous with his iconic character’s suave persona.

Malcolm McDowell

malcolm mcdowell

Malcolm McDowell’s dynamic presence is accentuated by his silver curls, which add depth to his distinguished acting career.