15 Stunning Transformation Ideas: Naturally Curly Hair Layers Before and After

Discover the transformative effects of layering naturally curly hair and gain inspiration from a variety of before and after styles.

Long Layered Cascade

long layered cascade

A Long Layered Cascade gently graduates in length, providing movement and reducing bulk for bouncier, more defined curls.

Mid-Length Deva Cut

mid length deva cut

The Deva Cut, crafted specifically for curls, sculpts mid-length hair into a harmonious shape, promoting bounce and reducing bulky weight.

Shoulder Skimming Shag

shoulder skimming shag

This cut grazes the shoulders, infusing bounce and movement into curls with effortlessly chic layers that remove bulk.

Bob With Disconnected Layers

bob with disconnected layers

A bob with disconnected layers gifts curly hair a modern twist, where strands are snipped into varying lengths for a playful, edgy look that defies the traditionally blended style.

Voluminous Layered Pixie

voluminous layered pixie

The Voluminous Layered Pixie combines the ease of short hair with built-in bounce, giving your curls a playful, yet manageable shape.

Subtle Layered S-Waves

subtle layered s waves

Soft, incremental layers throughout S-shaped curls can elevate their shape, creating a flowing silhouette that accentuates natural movement without sacrificing length.

Face-Framing Coils

face framing coils

Strategically cut layers enhance the hair’s natural texture, drawing attention to the facial contours and adding softness to the overall look.

Progressive Layered Afro

progressive layered afro

This style shapes the afro into a sculpted form, emphasizing definition and volume by gradually increasing the length of layers from the crown to the perimeter.

Heavy Top Thin Bottom Layers

heavy top thin bottom layers

This technique focuses on removing bulk from the upper section to enhance curl definition while keeping the lower strands finely textured for a balanced, lightweight feel.

Asymmetrical Curly Cut

asymmetrical curly cut

An asymmetrical curly cut crafts imbalance with style, adding flair and edginess that refreshes the natural bounce of curls.

Soft Layered Lob

soft layered lob

A soft layered lob elegantly frames the face while promoting bouncy curls that deliver both shape and movement.

Angled Layered Ringlets

angled layered ringlets

Angled layers add dynamic shape and movement, bringing out the spirals in ringlet-prone hair.

Tapered Natural Curls

tapered natural curls

Tapered natural curls add shape by gradually shortening lengths toward the neck, showcasing buoyant curls with less bulk at the ends.

Short Top Layers With Volume

short top layers with volume

Chopping the top layers shorter injects instant volume, giving life to limp curls and creating a dynamic shape.

Long Curly Layers With Bangs

long curly layers with bangs

Adding bangs to long, layered curls can frame the face beautifully, offering a refreshing update and bounce to your natural texture.