15 Ideas on How to Draw Curly Hair Male: Unlock Your Artistic Potential

Learn to capture the wild twists and turns of male curly hair with these drawing tips, helping you achieve lifelike texture and volume in your sketches.

Use S-shaped Curves

use s shaped curves

S-shaped curves mimic the natural flow of curls, creating a lively and dynamic look for male curly hair in your drawing.

Add Spiral Twists

add spiral twists

Spiral twists give the hair bounce and movement, simulating the natural spring of curls.

Draw Zigzag Patterns

draw zigzag patterns

Zigzag patterns mimic the unpredictability of natural curls, creating a dynamic and realistic texture.

Sketch Loose Corkscrews

sketch loose corkscrews

Capture each curl’s bounce by drawing relaxed spiral shapes reminiscent of a corkscrew toy.

Layer Shadows for Depth

layer shadows for depth

Strategically placed darker tones around the curls make the hairstyle look more three-dimensional and realistic.

Illustrate Clumps Not Strands

illustrate clumps not strands

Focusing on groupings of hair adds realism, since curls often clump together rather than falling individually.

Vary Curls’ Thickness

vary curls thickness

Curls of different widths convey natural hair movement and realism.

Employ Hatching for Texture

employ hatching for texture

Hatching adds realism by simulating the varied textures in curly hair.

Define the Hairline First

define the hairline first

Establishing the hairline sets a clear boundary for where the curls begin and frames the character’s face.

Build Volume With Circles

build volume with circles

Circles act as a foundation, guiding the placement and fullness of each curl for a realistic three-dimensional effect.

Introduce Flyaway Strands

introduce flyaway strands

Sprinkle in a few rebellious strands to inject realism into your curls, breaking up the uniformity.

Apply Varying Pressure for Waves

apply varying pressure for waves

Adjusting your pencil’s pressure captures the dynamic nature of curls through subtle shifts in the wave’s intensity.

Highlight for Shine and Shape

highlight for shine and shape

Strategically placed lighter tones can mimic the lustrous effect of light hitting the curls, accentuating their voluminous form.

Detail With Fine, Squiggly Lines

detail with fine squiggly lines

Precision with tiny, wavy lines adds realism to each curl.

Start With Basic Shapes, Refine Later

start with basic shapes refine later

Begin your illustration with broad, geometric forms to establish the structure; you can infuse it with intricacies as your drawing progresses.